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Who Is Cayla Pitts?

Who Is Cayla Pitts?, Staff Writer

Cayla Pitts is a junior at Apopka High School and is a new member of The Blue and White staff! When asked about her plans for the future she told us she plans on going to Valencia college for her associates degree and then to UCF for a bachelor's degree in education! Cayla Pitts is also an artist, and she said her favorite thing to draw is people's faces. Cayla, a young woman of many talents, happens to be a photographer, she stated her favorite thing to take pictures of is people in front of sunsets; I guess you could say she’s a people person! Cayla, when asked, said she has no preference when it comes to food or drinks and that she’ll eat anything that’s edible. Outside of her art and photography, Cayla is also a softball player and she told us that she's been playing for as long as she can remember. Even though her middle school didn't have a team, she still kept playing. It wouldn't be a bad assumption that Cayla Pitts has a bright future ahead of her!

First off, how long have you been living in Apopka?

Well I actually lived here when I was 10 I wanna say, and then I moved to Tampa, and then I came back.

Oh! Cool, okay. What’s your favorite part about living in Apopka?

I’d have to say the people. 

OK, so, let’s talk about your family. Do you have any siblings? If so, tell me about them.

I have a little sister, she is 11. She’s in 6th grade. She goes to Wolf Lake Middle. She is a bossy, sassy little girl. She likes to do her own thing, she loves to dance. She follows anything I do, it’s horrible. (both laugh)

So, where have you traveled to? It can be recent, or a while ago. Just anywhere. 

The only place I’ve traveled to, which is pretty sad, is Texas. I was going to a wedding for my uncle.

Favorite movies or TV shows?

Actually yes, I have recently become obsessed with ‘Captain Marvel,’ that movie was pretty good, and then I like ‘The Parkers,’ I like that show. 


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Who Is Cayla Pitts?