The New and Rising Movie: Encanto *SPOILERS*

Disney+ has came out with plenty of new movies throughout time, but one movie is taking the spotlight right now and that would be, Encanto. If you have not heard of Encanto, you must be living under a rock. It is a magical story of the family of Madrigals who were given powers due to a miracle. Sadly, it was given due to the abuelo dying in the beginning and a candle built an encanto, which protected them from the dangerous outsiders who killed abuelo Pedro. Before he died, the abuelo was able to have children with the abuela, and they grew up to have magical powers. Julieta, was given the power to heal with food. Pepa was given the power of controlling weather, but its affected by her emotions. Bruno (we normally don’t talk about Bruno) could see your future. Pepa and Julieta went on to have children of their own with Felix and Agustín. Pepa and Felix have 3 wonderful kids, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. Dolores can hear a pin drop a mile away, Camilo can shapeshift into other people and Antonio can talk to animals. Now Julieta and Agustín also have 3 kids, Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel. Isabel is gracious and perfect, she can make flowers bloom. Luisa is the rock of the family, she has super-strength. Unfortunately, Mirabel didn’t get a power, but she keeps family the together and has a great relationship the casita. Did I mention the casita, aka house, is alive? It’s pretty magical.

The Blue and White went around the school and asked what people thought of the movie on a scale 1-10. Sydney Douglass would rate this movie a 10 due to diversity. Deja Dowe, another junior at Apopka High, would rate this movie a 8 out of 10. Kaitlyn Collins, a sophomore at Apopka, would rate this a 8 out ten because, “I really enjoyed the music, but I also enjoyed the story. It isn’t one of my favorites but it’s a good heart warming movie to watch.” Finally, Melissa Delgado, sophomore, would rate this an 8.5.

We also asked what they believed the meaning of the movie was and they all had different things to say, but they all center around one thing. Melissa believes it to be about the power family. Kaitlyn says, “I think the overall meaning of the movie is not all heroes wear capes. You see in the movie the main character doesn’t have any special power but still manages to save the house and her family.” Sydney says, “I think this movies about the importance of family and not to make decisions led by fear.” Last but not least, Deja says, “Everyone has a purpose and a special gift, even though Mirabel didn’t get one, I feel her gift is keeping the family together.” These all center around family and this movie helps you realize how important family really is.

There was a lot a good songs in this movie, and we asked what they thought was their absolute favorite. Kaitlyn said, “‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’because it’s been stuck in my head since the movie came out and Tik Tok really doesn’t help, it’s too catchy” I can agree to that, personally that songs my favorite too. Deja also says, “‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ of course because I loved the way how each characters verse came together at the end but I feel that the song ‘Waiting On A Miracle’ is overlooked.” Melissa changes things up a bit by saying her favorite was “Surface Pressure” due to her also being the oldest sibling.

We might not be allowed to talk about to Bruno but let’s talk about abuela. It’s no secret that she’s no one’s favorite character. Sydney believes she loved the family but to the point where she was overprotective which overall led to destruction of the magic. Deja thinks that at times she was very cruel, but then she realized it was because of the pain of losing abuelo Pedro but “it still isn’t a reason to make others horrible.” Kaitlyn says, “I think the abuela is a horrible person to begin with but I believe she gets better, although she definitely isn’t high on my favorite characters chart.” Finally Melissa says, “She was a bit bias and picked the family magic over her actually family which was kinda rude, she got better at the end tho.” Abuela was definitely not a good person throughout the movie but you definitely see there was improvement towards the end.


We recommend that you definitely watch this movie; it has something for everybody. If you want catchy songs stuck in your head, dancing donkeys (see movie to get it), it really is a family movie.