Lettin’ You Know About Latin Club

Have you ever tried to speak a new language? We all know we have to take a class where we learn a different language if you plan on going to a 4-year university after high school, and most of us stick to Spanish because it’s the easiest to learn and is the 2nd most spoken language in the world. But what about those who venture out and learn something new and different, like Latin? Well, there are some kids who have, and they even joined a club for it–Latin Club. The club is sponsored by Ms. Katz. She does it because, “Latin is my passion. Anything that helps students come together and celebrate that common passion is a no brainer. There’s no down side.”

Courtesy of Latin Club Instagram

She also became a Latin teacher because ever since she started learning it in 10th grade, it just made sense and it showed her that there was strength in words and power in what she had to say. She wanted to be able to let kids know this, and she currently has 23 kids in the club. The Blue and White had a chance to interview one of the club members who is the senior counsel, Anjani Worrell.

For a little context, Ms. Katz says, “I model the officers/leadership after the Roman organization, the hierarchy of Rome. Romans were experienced at the negative aspect of having kings, though they did have a time when they had kings, but it was to where they were tyrants. They were afraid of one person having too much power, s they had counsels, two counsels, called co-counsels.” The senior counsel, Anjani, is a level 4 member. The junior is someone who is a level 3, which makes it a 2 year position and they move on to the senior counsel when they become a level 4. She still has a vice president, a treasurer, a historian and senators to represent the lower level classes. All of her board members are level 3 and 4 students. 

Courtesy of Latin Club Instagram

We asked Anjani how this club benefited her, and she replied, “This club has benefited me as a person by getting me to come out of my comfort zone and explore new things. Thanks to this club, I have made so many new friends and expanded my knowledge of what life was like for the Romans.” For the first half of this year, the club has spent their time preparing for the Latin Forum by the Florida Junior Classical League that is occurring this upcoming weekend. “This competition, I would say, is very similar to the BETA convention in which you can participate in creative and academic competitions but they are related to Roman and Greek culture,” Anjani says. Later on, they will be using their meetings to expand on knowledge on Roman and Greek culture and celebrate the various holidays they have.  Anjani joined this club because it is a chance for her to explore more of the Roman and Greek culture that isn’t part of the Latin class curriculum. There are many things in our society that are derived from Roman and Greek culture, and being able to learn where each item or word came from fascinates her.

If any of this fascinates or interests you, go ahead and join. Reach out to Ms. Katz, she would love to have more students join her club. She says that, “As a teacher it’s a rare thing for me to see the kids from all the different levels interacting, it brings me great satisfaction to hear them talking with each other and laughing an joking around, just everybody even though their at such different parts of the lives, they can interact together on this common topic which is Latin. While it’s a challenging class, they have that in common and that just makes my heart fill. It really is a special feeling.” You are definitely going to be welcomed with open arms.


After the publication of this article, the Latin Club participated in the Region VI Latin Forum competition, held Saturday, 2/4, at Trinity Prep in Winter Park.  It was the first time they had ever competed, and the students represented all Blue Darters with pride and enthusiasm!  They competed against 5 other schools (around 150 Latin students ranging from middle to high school) and came home with plenty of awards to show for it.