There’s Love in the Air, or Is There?

As we all know, the day for showing your special someone extra loving is here. Some are dreading it and hating it, while others are wondering what their gonna get or what to buy. This day is called Valentine’s Day. There are lots of couples attending Apopka High School who are looking forward to celebrating the day but there are also plenty who are not. The Blue and White has interviewed couples and some singles to see how they were feeling about the upcoming day. Plenty of clubs and classes have been doing things in order to “celebrate” the day, such as French Honor Society, handing out free candy grams or the sophomore class council making candy grams for a $1. But one of them stuck out to us and it was ceramics class with Ms. Ellington. She gave her students an option to do a Valentines or anti-Valentine ceramic pieces. We had a chance to talk to her and ask her for her reasons for this.

She said that it was on order to include everybody, “So that those who weren’t feeling Valentine’s day could express it, in a different and funny alternative way.” She also says that the students did enjoy making these because they were very creative and thought of the opposite of what you would normally get for valentines and created something that was totally different. Now besides from the schools handing love, their are couples that are doing it on their own. We also had a chance to interview them and see what the plan was.

Starting off with one couple, Nyvin and Iris. They have been together for 3 months and when asked if it has been easy, Nyvin replied, ” Because we have a good relationship and connection.” We also asked what their expectations were and it was to just be able to hang and spend time with each other. Their plans for V-day are to go out to dinner or see a movie.

Next we have, Kaitlyn Collins and Shane Moody. They are a fresh couple and have been together for a week, but they have known each other since the beginning of the school year. Kaitlyn expects it to be like a normal day with the exception of a lot of people with flowers, gifts or balloons. But you can’t forget about the oversize teddy bears. They also don’t have any plans yet, but Kaitlyn has already picked out a gift and thinks Shane will really like it. We also asked if they believed Valentines day to be a big deal for couples and they replied, “Not really, it’s a day of love but it shouldn’t make a relationship anymore special than any other day.” So many people can agree with this statement because you shouldn’t just show them that you care this one day, it should be continuous but this day you get to spoil them a little more. The gifts on this day just make the day more exciting.

We did also get a chance to interview some of those who are not Boo’d up of the holiday. We had a chance to interview Caleb Felder. We asked if he had ever had a relationship on Valentine’s day and he replied, “I have but it was a long time ago, probably 4 years ago.” He also stated that he will most likely be playing baseball this day and enjoy the fact that he doesn’t have to spend money. Which is a good way to look at it. He also believes that it is a big deal for people in relationships because they get to go out on dates and spend time alone. Caleb is totally fine with being single on Valentine’s day, “A lot of people really don’t want relationships and when your single, you can save money and be happy.” He has mixed emotions about having a relationship due to there being good and bad things on this day. But, lets all remember that self-love is more important than loving someone else.

To all the couples out there, enjoy your day and make the most of it and to all my “single ladies” (and gentlemen), have a wonderful day full of love from friends and maybe even family. Happy Valentine’s Day from The Blue and White! <3