Step To Med, Don’t Be Intimidated!

Are you interested in entering the medical field? If so, then check out the new club, Step To Med. The Blue and White had the chance to interview with Senior, Hridya M, one of the co-founders of the club. She herself is interested in going into the medical field after graduation. “My plans are to go to UF for undergrad, then medical school, and then residency, all in hopes of eventually becoming a general doctor. I want to also open up my own practice and be able to run it.” If that sounds like something for you or along the lines of something you’d like to do, keep reading!

What is the club you ask? According to Hridya ” This club will help students learn about the entirety of the healthcare field and all the different careers in it, rather than just believing it’s only ‘doctors and nurses’.” In order to tell you about the different careers they, “want to do this by bringing in tons of guest speakers from people who work in healthcare and medicine, as we do have the connections to do that.” Hridya also explains, they are also here for the kids that want to ask, “questions or concerns about their future in healthcare answered by these guest speakers and learn more about their future career aspirations.”

By offering labs, comma Hridya hopes to help students learn different skills. This is exactly what Hridya thinks is the most intriguing subject for the club. She says, “Having hands-on activities that are related to medicine and doing it with other members of the club. So far, we’re planning on doing suture kits.” Not only will participants be talking about the medical fields, but they will get a chance to get face-to-face with a lab and you’ll learn a lot of new things.

The big idea for this club’s creation was Saaya Lijo’s. She brought it to Hridya and asked for some help in actually making and molding the idea into an actual club. “We realized there was no club focused primarily on the medical field. We’re both interested in pursuing careers in it too along with having parents who work in it. So, we thought it would be fun to start a medicine/healthcare-focused club.” The first meeting was on Monday, September 19th.

Hridya does believe this club will be beneficial to all club members because, “hopefully it’ll introduce them to something that they would never have thought of doing in the future. This club would also be beneficial in just educating kids in general so they know the broad spectrum of careers in the medical field.” If this club sounds fun and interesting to you, you should totally go check it out. They are welcoming all.

If you have any questions you can contact Mr. Fairchild who is the sponsor of the club.