Spirit Week and The Dance: Was It Worth the Chance?

As we all know, we just had our spirit week AND dance for Apopka High School. We all went out or rummaged through our closets to find that perfect outfit to dance in or to match the spirit day. The Blue and White went out into Apopka High school and asked students if it was hot or just a flop? While some students attempted alternate “spirit week” days due to them feeling the originals were not creative enough, we had plenty of those that felt the spirit was great! They also had nothing but great things to say about the dance.

The spirit week days were Bikers vs. Surfers, Sports Day, Country vs. Country Club, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!” and Crazy Blue and White Friday.

Unfortunately, there were other spirit weeks days attempted by some students throughout school, but thankfully most stayed true to what was originally made. When asking what her favorite day for spirit week was, Jazmyn Thompson, a junior, said, “My favorite thing about spirit was seeing everyone else dress up. Not all schools that have spirit week have students that participate and show their spirit so I think we really showed our darter pride by participating.” This is true, and it’s great that there is still appreciation for the small things.

When asked if she enjoyed spirit week, Sydney Douglass answered, “Yes I enjoyed spirit week we got to express our creativity and get into character.”


When debating if there was even going to be a Homecoming this year, SGA was trying to find a way to make it happen. That’s when the idea of SeaWorld came to be our venue for the dance, co-starring the rides, The Kraken and The Manta. There were a lot of questions like, “How do you ride a roller coaster with a dress?” But it all turned out well in the end.

When asked about what she looked most forward to at the dance, Ellarie McGatha, a junior, answered, “I’m most looking forward to being able to make new memories and being able to have a Homecoming to make up for the previous year where we didn’t get to have one.” Madison Weyland, a sophmore, was most looking forward to “the rides and dressing up.” When asking around, people’s greatest excitement was towards the roller coasters and dancing with friends. After the experience of the night, Madison says, “I enjoyed dancing and going on the rides with my friends.” Ellarie also says her best memory was “being on the ride with all my friends and getting on the Kraken for the first time.”

So, as you see this year’s homecoming and spirit week was more than what was expected. People enjoyed it and had a great time. I think most can agree that the experience was worth the risk.

Also, big congratulations to the Homecoming King and Queen, Dyson Hurlburt and Jennifer Cifuentes.