Don’t Slack! Run Track!

There are plenty of sports here at Apopka High school that thrive and meet the expectations that we are supposed to bring. Included in this is our very own track team, run by Coach Fowler and other coaches. Fowler decided to run this team because of his love for the sport and he “participated in track in high school and college. My mother inspired me because she was a track athlete.  I loved it. The workouts were tough, but the results were worth it. Track also gave me the opportunity to travel and see various cities that I would not have had the chance to visit. I also made lifelong friends. I met my wife on the track team and many of my closest friends extend from my collegiate track days….30+ year friendships.”


He hopes to “get student/athletes to push their physical and mental boundaries. They need to understand that improvement (in anything) must come with effort and struggle. They must get comfortable being uncomfortable. They must also learn that if they willingly step into any arena and want to develop, they must be dedicated, disciplined, and determined. Lessons learned in sport can be applicable to life.” His goal for the team this season is to take the “veteran student athletes” to the state championship and get them on the podium. And for the rest of the athletes that are underclassmen, he would like to develop their skills.

We also had a chance to interview a couple of athletes on the team and see what they envision for this season. First we interviewed Chris Alford, a senior at Apopka. He runs the 400m and the 4×4. He says, for him, that Track is “a very technical sport that takes a lot of time out [of everyday life.]” Chris looks forward to going against Ocoee because he grew up with most of the athletes on their team. So far the team has done really well the last couple of meets. Chris’s goal for the season was to at least get to district but now it is to “stay healthy the rest of the season and PR.”

Second we interviewed Antonio Parker, a junior at Apopka. He runs the 100m and hurdles, but also does the different jump events including, high jump, long jump and triple jump. Track for Antonio is “competitive and shows a lot of improvement with each race you do.” He does have fun with his friends, and it’s to the point where they feel like family and he feels they really support him. He is ready to go against Seminole, West Orange, Ocoee and Dr. Phillips because they are some of the best teams. His goal for this season is to get to the State Championship and get on the podium.

Antonio Parker

“A benefit of track is the comradery built with other student/athletes who are sharing the same experiences at practice and competitions. In addition, you will be in the best shape of your life,” says Coach Fowler. For those interested in running track, some of the benefits would be that it is challenging and fulfilling, if you’re “dedicated, determined, and disciplined.” if interested in joining next season, you can reach out to Coach Fowler at [email protected]

Members of the boys and girls track teams competed on Saturday, March 25th, at Tohopekaliga HS and yesterday at Mt. Dora Christian Academy.

Scoring for the Blue Darters at Toho HS were:
Reese McLean – 8th, 200m
Noah Musselwhite – 1st, 800m
Jordan Smith, Lorenzo Payne, Reese McLean, Lucius Williams – 6th, 4 x 100m relay
Jordan Smith, Reese McLean, Rashad Hemissi, Aaron Erase – 2nd, 4 x 400 relay
Antonio Parker – 7th, High Jump

Scoring for the Blue Darters at Mt. Dora Christian Academy were:
Jade Waters – 1st, 100m
Eniyah Glover – 5th, 100m, 5th, 400m, and 7th, Long Jump
Shamari Smith – 4th, 400m and 8th, 100m
Demaris Soto – 1st, 400mand 1st, 100H

Congratulate these students/athletes when you see them.