Ms. Hough Is More Than Enough

We all know and love the one named Ms. Hough, but for some of you who haven’t had the privilege to meet her, here’s the inside scoop on her and her life. Ms. Hough does plenty for the school, including being the BETA, Step, and Dance team sponsor. She also is an intervention teacher, which means she helps with kids struggling with Algebra 1. When she has free time, her and her husband like to go antiquing, and they’ve redecorated their house. She also loves to do crafts and art.  If she had to choose something she loved most about herself, it would be how much she likes to help others. The best advice, in her opinion, is to always try your best. Don’t just sit there, dig deep and try to figure it out. One goal she’s set for herself is to help the kids that are lost in Algebra because they don’t like math. She wants to give them enough confidence to pass the EOC and have that requirement to graduate. Ms. Hough is truly there for the students of Apopka, and we appreciate all she’s done for us.


Was it always your plan to be a teacher?

No, my original plan was to be an accountant and I worked at a bank. Along with working there, they had opportunities to volunteer for an hour in a classroom, and I worked in the elementary classrooms. Someone told me I would be really good at teaching, so I changed it up.

What is something you would like to say to people who are struggling in school?

Find a person that can help. Someone you can trust and don’t just sit there and not try to get help and hopefully they can get you to where you can be successful.

When you spend time with family, what is it you guys like to do?

We like to laugh and eat; those are most definitely our favorite things to do together.

What would you say you are most proud of yourself for?

Raising two smart, wonderful, caring young men and how I help kids because I feel like I make a difference.

What is something no one knows about you?

That I married the man I met in 5th grade. He was my first boyfriend. <3