Hopes For Homecoming

It’s the beginning of the new school year, and students are getting settled back into high school life. Now with that life does come some perks including the upcoming event, Homecoming. While some are ready for this event, most are contemplating whether or not this will be an enjoyable experience. For the last couple of years, Homecoming has had mixed reviews for Apopka High School.

The Blue and White decided to see what the expectations were and what the students are hoping to see there. We first interviewed Freshman Kayla Hall. She hopes that Homecoming will have lots of people up and dancing and loud, good music. She doesn’t believe that Homecoming will be all she wants it to be.  She is hoping they play slow music, because she is going with her boyfriend. She would say she has high hopes for this event because she has never been to a Homecoming dance.

We also had a chance to interview Senior Shawntoriah Tuitt. She has mid-hopes for Homecoming. She said, “I expect Homecoming to be a magical night like Cinderella type of stuff, a Disney fairytale.” We then asked if she believed it would be anything like that, she replied, “No, because the school budget is way low. I know they’re not going to have good food, and I know that the music isn’t gonna be as good, but I do hope that we have a good location.” She would like them to play “danceable” music and also some slow music.

As we talked to students across all grade levels people seemed to share these expectations. After last year, when they had the event at SeaWorld, everyone seemed to have had a blast, but you will still to this day hear complaints about it.  It seems like when it comes to the students at AHS, will anything make them content with a Homecoming Apopka throws? The Blue and White wishes SGA luck in trying to satisfy the salty students of Apopka High School.