A Closer Look Into Washington

“Hey, hey APK, it’s Coach Washington here!” You may recognize this saying as something that’s said in the morning announcements by our one and only Coach Washington. Though you may only know him through the BDN, there is a lot more to Coach Washington. He used to be a student at Apopka High and played basketball for the Darters. Outside of school, he likes to play basketball, and you can also find him coaching basketball. He also is a big Marvel fan, and he watches plenty of movies on Disney+.

Before he led BDN, he taught English 1, but when Mr. Scahill retired, he stepped in as the media productions teacher. If he could describe himself in one word he would say “helpful” because he’s always trying to help others. He also says that his pet peeves is laziness: “Excuses are useless.” His favorite way to spend his days off is getting some of the sleep back.



Who’s your hero? Why?

My mom. My dad, he passed away when I was a kid, unexpectedly. My mom she raised 4 boys by herself and we all turned out great!

What accomplishment in life would you say you are the proudest of?

I got a chance to work at ESPN when I was in college; I interned up there in Connecticut. A lot of the shows you guys watch, like Sports Center, I got a chance to work there and a chance to work with Orlando Magic for a summer. I also had an opportunity to work with Channel 9 for the summer, so actually getting a chance out in the real world, that way you guys can see that Coach has done this.

What hobbies do you have? 

I love theme parks, anything Marvel, DC as well. I’m one of those guys that loves both. Some people like one or the other, I love both. Broadcasting, I host radio shows, I cover games. I do a lot of stuff with broadcasting.

With all of the options he’s had, Apopka High School is lucky that Mr. Washington has chosen to keep his talents here with the Blue Darters. Thanks, Coach!