Give A Cheer for the New Year

Every year we all make ridiculous goals thinking we’ll work out every day or eat healthier. They may have gotten a stationary bike thinking they were going to do a mile a day…Yeah, no one’s doing that. These goals may not actually be achieved. Some may say yes they will, but they are really just fooling themselves. Therefore, The Blue and White went around the school and asked students what their New Year’s resolutions are and why the believe people can’t follow through with their resolutions and why they themselves can’t complete theirs. 

There are only about 40% of Americans that actually make resolutions, and by the end of the year only 9% feel they are successful in completing them. Caleb Felder, a junior at Apopka High, thinks that people can’t follow their resolutions because “people don’t stick to what they have in mind and a lot of times they get lazy, staying at home or going out with family can get in front of their New Years Resolution.” It is shown that people who are lazy have an 80% chance of not achieving their goal. Caleb’s goal himself is “to just finish strong in school and keep doing what I’m doing.” If you believe you are doing well in life, it’s smart for your resolution to be small or not to have one at all.

It’s known that Gen Z is four times more worried about finding love than any other age group. Says something, huh? Though Sydney Douglass, also a junior at Apopka High, is thinking about another type of love. Self-love. Sydney’s resolution or rather goal for this year is, “to save money and work on self-love” Self-love is always important before you can love anyone else. 73% of Americans’ resolutions are centered around being smarter with money. This resolution is not a bad one or ridiculous, it’s just a little hard to do. If you wanna go out and get something to eat, you have to fight the urges. But who’s really going to do that.

Lastly, we have Kaitlyn Hodges, another junior at Apopka High. Her resolution is “to better myself and focus on myself.” Self-help or self-encouragement is second largest group of resolutions with only 5% of Americans making them and 2% actually being able to follow through. Kaitlyn believes people can’t follow through with resolutions because “they don’t try hard enough and the resolutions aren’t as important to them as others would be to other people.” This is true because people may be making their resolutions off of what’s happening to them in the moment, but some make them because they actually have a plan in mind.

Finally, millennials are the most confident in keeping their resolutions, but “boomers” are the least successful with only 2% of the time accomplishing them, and their supposed to be the example, yeah right. Regardless of age, we all have things we want to achieve and it’s important to make goals so we have somewhat of a plan. In all, The Blue and White wishes everyone a Happy New Years!