Running Like Champions With The Darters

Along with all the other sports that Apopka offers there is Track. Now, what is so interesting about track? One may ask. It’s the thrill of having your teammates cheer your name as you are about to cross the finish line or the crowd cheering as you have just won the race that puts your team in first place. To truly experience these things, one must go through them themselves. But since the season has started and tryouts are no longer happening, we have asked team players what it is like to have this experience.

Starting with Aniya Gantz, a junior who has been doing track since her freshman year–she gets the chance to run the 100m, 200m, 400m, and 4×400. We asked Aniya what she believed was the best thing about track and she replied, “The track meets are just so fun and it makes me feel so alive, with the rush of everybody on the track and the feeling you get when you are about to race is one that can’t be forgotten.” She is also very confident in her team this year, “There is a lot to improve on because there is always room for improvement but I think we have a very solid team and one that feels like family.” Aniya would have to say that the biggest challenger for them would have to be Ocoee and the easiest would be Mount Dora.

Second, there’s Vaughn Zamor, also a junior who is new to the sport of track but is loving it so far. He runs 4×200 and participates in the event of high jump. Vaughn would say the best things about track are the people and their energy, “I love being around them.” He is confident in the team as well due to the team members being high in skill level. He would also have to agree with Aniya being that Ocoee will be the hardest team to beat. Though he doesn’t believe there is an easiest. “I feel that all schools are very hardworking so there’s nothing easy when it comes to racing.”

They have not had any track meets yet but don’t be shy and come support your fellow Blue Darters and feel the thrill. The Blue and White wishes good luck to the track team this year.  See their meet schedule below.