Buddy Up and Play Ball!!

As some of you may know, The BETA Club is involved in various volunteering opportunities throughout the community, including feeding the homeless, tutoring elementary students and many more. Along with those opportunities, they are participating in an exciting event called Buddy Ball. What is Buddy Ball you ask? It is a fun way for kids with special needs to play baseball and make new connections and friends. This includes kids with Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Autism, and other disabilities. Though they are challenged with these disabilities, these kids strive and put all their heart into playing ball. If you’re wondering, “Well, where do the kids come from?” They are on local teams, organizations, and even fire department teams that are made in their community. They all come together and have as much fun as possible.

The Blue and White interviewed some participants in The BETA Club that recently attended. Priyanka Harrypersad, who is a senior at Apopka High, states “I have so much fun. I met different kids and helped them with playing baseball. Everyone I met was super friendly and wanted the kids to have a good time.” It’s never a competition, it’s all about the kids and making sure they are having a good time, if they have a smile, you’re doing something right! When asked what’s the most beneficial part of volunteering here, she replied, “The most beneficial thing working here is being a friend to these kids and having them open up to you. They might not have friends their age and I love how welcoming they are when they see you trying. It means a lot to their parents/guardians.”


When asking Nyvin Velazquez, a 10th grader at Apopka High, what he thought was most beneficial from volunteering with the kids, he responded, “I think the most beneficial thing would be connecting with people on other levels and just having the experience to know that you did something great.” Can you imagine? Going to a field, meeting an amazing kid and leaving knowing you possibly made their day ten times better, must be a great feeling. We also asked if it was ever uncomfortable working with them and he replied, “I don’t really feel uncomfortable because I work with kids outside of school and I know how to communicate with them easily and quickly.” Priyanka also says, “It just takes a little while for them to adjust to you and you helping them. It felt weird at first, but the kids open up to you and are comfortable. If you have any questions, you can always ask their parents or the coach.”

If this sounds fun and intriguing to you, then sign up! You don’t even have to be in The BETA Club to attend or even know how to swing a bat. You can show up in exercise clothes and bring a water bottle, then let the fun begin. The event is held at 830 Magnolia Dr. Altamonte Springs from 9 to 11 AM. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Sarah Reece at (407)463-2504.