Tweet, Tweet, It’s Emma Tweedy

Out of the three thousand and something students at this school, The Blue and White, has decided to interview student Emma Tweedy, who is a Junior here at Apopka. 

Emma would say that she is an introvert. “I definitely think having people close and going out is important and put those as a high priority. Though, being alone and having me time recharges me the best at the end of the day.” We asked if she would change anything about herself or something she could improve, and she replied, “I would improve my confidence and how I perceive myself, I sometimes lack in those areas and I wish I could see how far I’ve brought myself.” She also has goals such as going to college, and she would like to attend UCF, FSU, or a school that has a great art program. What motivates her is, “the thought of letting people down is a big drive for me to be able to focus on what my true goals are with anything.” She would like to pursue a career in, “something with my art and take it a step further than a favorite hobby. I want to love my job and take pride in my work.”

Emma has multiple things she is grateful for including, “my close support group, some being my mom and coach Jason. They both have such a passion for seeing me succeed in my athletics, art, and schooling. Close friends and my boyfriend truly are amazing people that I surround myself with.” She also has a bucket list of things she would like to do. She says, “I want to go and travel to places with a lot of different environments and cultures, with lots of stuff to keep me busy.” 

We also asked Emma if she was afraid to grow up and she replied, “I’m definitely afraid of having regrets as I get older and wishing things were to have gone differently in the past. Although, my worst fear is being alone and totally isolated from my loved ones.” Emma would define success  as being genuinely happy, then you’ve made it.