STEPing to the Rhythm With Blue Ice

We all know Apopka High School has plenty of activities and clubs for all students who prefer different things. Including our very own step team. If you are unaware of what “stepping” is, it’s a way of dancing where having the ability to move and make music with your feet and hands is vital. It might sound difficult but these girls make it look so easy and sound so good. And don’t forget fun.

The Blue and White had a chance to interview a couple members of the step team and see how it was going for them so far, including Maudchelle Jean-Baptiste, a junior at Apopka and Deja Dowe, also a junior at Apopka. When asking Deja how the teamwork was on the team, she answered, “We have great chemistry and we make it a very important detail when starting a new season to either make bonds from last year stronger and to also create new relationships with our new members.” Being on a team, especially Step team, it is important to have unity. We also asked if it was hard to apprehend the steps at first and she said, “Not for me personally because I’ve been doing Step since I started as a freshman.” It’s good to have experience in many things you do, it makes things a lot easier. Finally, we asked if she was excited for performances to start and Deja answered, “Yes it’s what we all look forward to the most, it’s our main purpose to show our great talent in Step. ” Even though they look forward to the performances, I’m sure most of the school is looking forward to them as well.

Second, we got a chance to interview Maudchelle, another member of the step team. The Blue and White asked how it feels to be on step team, and she answered, “I really like being on the Blue Ice Step team, it makes me feel like I’m part of something that I can relate which is fun” We also asked if she felt accepted or celebrated on the team, she said, “Since Blue Ice is like a little family, not only do I feel accepted, I feel comfortable on the team.” It’s always good to be on a team or anywhere you can feel like you belong. Lastly, we asked, if being on the step team was everything she thought it was going to be and she said, “No not really, probably because of the team doing team bonding, it didn’t feel I was just on the team.” It is always good to have team bonding, that way everyone knows everybody and relationships can increase within teammates.

If you want to hear or see more of Blue Ice Step team, make sure to attend the upcoming basketball game to see the marvelous  performances coming. You can also contact Ms. Hough, the wonderful sponsor of the team to see if there’s any information for tryouts next year.