Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Do you play sports? Are you a Christian? Then there’s a club for you at Apopka High School: Fellowship of Christian Athletes. You may have heard of this club before, and that’s because it has been here before and it’s making a comeback stronger than ever.

The Blue and White had a chance to interview one of the speakers and participants of the club, Vaughn Zamor, a senior at Apopka, to learn more about it. The purpose of this club is to “get to know who Jesus Christ is and [getting] to have a better understanding of why he is who he is and what he did for us while he was here.” The meetings are during A and B lunch, food is served, so don’t worry about not eating.

Activities include icebreaker games and trivia games. “The trivia games will be about anything; it depends on who is doing it that day, they will come up with the trivia themselves,” Vaughn says. They will also have a person come in and speak and that changes for every meeting. How will this club benefit you? Well, Vaughn believes, “this club can help benefit people because it will give them a more in-depth view of who Jesus Christ is and how we as people can serve the lord and just be better.”

While the club title says it’s just for athletes, it is also open to non-athletes. When we asked if he believed this club would thrive, he spoke with much positivity. “I think this club will most definitely thrive because I prayed about it–we all prayed about it. Everything is looking real good for us. It will also thrive because of the number of people we will be having-that I’m sure we will be having. Like the Lord says, ‘Plans to prosper, prosper us not harm us, plan to give us hope for our future.’ That’s how I KNOW we will thrive.”

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, the meetings are held in the ceramics room, 517, during both lunches. You can also reach out to Ms. Taylor, the sponsor, at [email protected], if you have any questions or concerns.