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Savannah Mcafee

Savannah Mcafee, Staff Writer

Savannah Mcafee, a proud member of The Blue and White, and Junior, has proven time and time again that she is a valuable asset to the newspaper staff. Her love of writing shines through her extensive vocabulary and ability to spindle words together like yarn, captivating anyone who reads her work. Savannah discusses that she is a firm believer in the idea of  Journalism being capable of greatly impacting her community, and sees it as playing the important role of communicating information to the public eye.Savannah even claims herself that she firmly believes that is what The Blue and White’s goal should be, and that they have gone above and beyond of accomplishing it for Apopka High School, spreading information that the population might not have been aware of. 

Outside of The Blue and White and school itself, Savannah shared that she prefers to keep active by eating, but that the arts, clubs, and sports keep her a little too busy to do that. She explains that she loves expressing herself through art and participating in clubs such as the Blue Darter Network (BDN) and We All Vote. When asked what kind of artistic activities she participates in, Savannah is more than happy to describe just how much she enjoys painting her walls and decorating her room with splashes of unique colors and lines. She shares that her current goals are to win districts in basketball and softball, as well as get straight a’s in class. Questioning what exactly the sports goals meant, she elaborates that she hopes to bring home trophies from winning districts in both sports, as she had in past years of participating. 

If she can manage her current goal in grades (which she most definitely can, with her track record) she hopes to earn a high SAT score and apply for scholarships for college. Any colleges are fine with her, but her love of her family and friends is keeping her sights set close to home. Though she admits she does miss her friends, she’s looking ahead and at her future, an admirable trait for Savannah Mcafee.


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Savannah Mcafee