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Getting to Know : Savannah McAfee!

Getting to Know : Savannah McAfee!, Staff Writer

Savannah McAfee, a returning member of The Blue and White staff is searching for experience, excitement, and fun this senior year. 2020-2021 has been an interesting few years for her, whether it be the blended classrooms, or managing her Dual Enrollment classes surrounded by the anxieties of the world, she was able to do it! Savannah has big goals for herself and is in the process of making many of those come true now. 


What are your plans for the next 5 upcoming years?

I want to go to college and get my master’s degree. I’m in Dual Enrollment right now working for my Associates, so hopefully, I can go to a four-year college and get my degree and do something in business. Possibly advertisements and stuff, something for more of the creative side. 

How has your experience been at APK for the last few years, and how do you feel about leaving this behind?

I’ve had good experiences, actually, my ninth-grade year I moved here! So it was like a super fresh start, but I also do a lot of sports. I kind of like created families through that and a bunch of friends, and as a senior, I think I’m excited because we’re finally doing it’s our senior year! We’re moving on, and it’s very stressful thinking about the future and like also having to choose to move on from that.

Who’s been your most influential teacher?

I would probably say Ms. Brennan, just because like she was there my freshman year and she helped me out a lot throughout everything. I have a lot of teachers, and because I play sports I’ve interacted with a lot of the teachers and the staff. So, I definitely think a lot of them have helped me and let me grow as a person. But, Ms. Brennan has definitely checked up on me and she was there my first year which was my most crucial towards becoming who I am.

Outside of school, who’s one person you can accredit your success to?

My mom definitely, because she raised me.

Where is your dream place to live, and why?

Ok so, I have a few I guess. I realize that I don’t like being far from my family anymore, so Florida would be a nice place. I also have other family up in North Carolina and Ohio. I like the hills and stuff up there and the mountains. When I was younger I really liked Utah, I don’t know why. So, I guess that’s technically where I want to go, but I don’t want to live there.

Any siblings? How many?

Yes, I have 3. I have 3 siblings, my brother is actually a freshman, so he’s here! My sister is a 7th grader, and my baby sister is in 2nd grade. I’m the oldest.

What’s one thing you want for your last year of high school?

I’m really excited about the senior gifts….that's probably bad but I’m so excited! I’ve seen everyone else get them, now it’s my turn...


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Getting to Know : Savannah McAfee!