Wonderful Winter Whereabouts

Winter break is right around the corner, and with the coronavirus still in action many of the usual winter festivities are closed. Now nobody wants to spend what should be their crazy, spectacular winter break at home doing nothing. So in order to give you that crazy, spectacular break that everyone deserves, here are some family fun and Covid safe events that are open to the public during the winter season.

Gaylord Palms: I Love Christmas Movies- Now to Jan.3
Instead of the usual “ICE” production hosted by the infamous Gaylord Palms, they have decided to spice it up with, “I Love Christmas Movies.” This new attraction offers a unique twist to some Christmas classics like the Polar Express A Christmas Story, and Elf. Besides jumping into these Christmas flicks, you may also enjoy the spectacular ice tubing, scavenger hunts, gingerbread decorating, and much more. Bergin Hartzell explains that he chose this event out of all of the choices because, “it would be really cool to see some of my favorite movies come to life.” He also added, “Personally, this event would be perfect for both family bonding and friend bonding, it just seems to be held in a really positive atmosphere.” This event is held at Gaylord Palms hotel which is a huge hotel located in Kissimmee.

Photo Credits to gaylordopryland.com

Give Kids the World Village: Night of a Million Lights- Now to Jan. 3
Night of a Million Lights is a non-profit organization that allows kids struggling with serious illnesses from around the world to spend some time at a resort filled with many kid-friendly activities. This three million light attraction is open for the general public and is quite the site to see. Ms. Richard, a teacher at Apopka high school, admires the event’s cause and would like to go to a Night of a Million Lights seeing that “this year has been difficult with the pandemic and it would be a great way to relieve a lot of built up stress.” This resort was temporarily shut down in response to COVID-19, but is now back, bigger and brighter. This eye-catching experience helps fund food expenses, theme park tickets, housing, and transportation for the families of children with chronic illnesses. Nothing gives you more Christmas spirit than bright lights and helping those in need. You can purchase your tickets online and this event is located in Kissimmee.

Photo Credits to micechat.com

Busch Gardens: Spark the Night- Now to Jan. 3

The holiday season attractions are always held to high expectations, and Busch Gardens never seems to disappoint. Although some of last year’s events will not be able to go on in light of the coronavirus, it has not stopped Busch Gardens from releasing a new Christmas show stopper called “Spark the Night.” Spark the Night is an all new firework show held in the field of festivals. Ethan Thompson especially relishes “seeing the magnificent lights while feeling the adrenaline of going down a rollercoaster.”  Along with this amazing experience, the Busch Gardens park will also include interactive statues and Christmas characters to take pictures with and the annual Christmas Town. To attend the Busch Gardens attractions you can either purchase a park ticket or just a Christmas Town pass. Both tickets will be available online as well as a survey that will allow you to register for a specific time and date.

Photo creds to I. C. Hill

Snowcat Ridge- Now to March 29

Snowcat Ridge offers family fun festivities including the Snowy Slopes, Alpine Village, and Igloo. “My favorite part about Snowcat Ridge was the family togetherness aspect, while still being able to be safe during the pandemic.” Shelby Tempest, sophomore, states. The Snowy Slopes range up to 60 ft that you ride down for at least 2 hours, depending on your ticket. This snow park also includes a wonderful village filled with little shops and restaurants you can walk through. As well as the Igloo, which is a smaller indoor snow attraction that has smaller tubing hills and is surrounded with ice and snow. This winter wonderland is filled with “colorful lights and fun Christmas music that is sure to put you in the Christmas mood” Shelby exclaims. Snowcat Ridge is located in Tampa and allows for you to purchase the tickets on their website.

Photo Creds to snowcatridge.com

Disney Springs- Now to Jan. 5
If you enjoy little shops, outdoor eye-stoppers, and walking and talking with your family, then the Disney Springs Christmas celebration is just for you. Disney Springs holds their annual tree trail as well as a Christmas scavenger hunt. Each of the 23 trees on the Christmas tree trail represents its own Disney theme. Along the trail, you can also meet employees who describe the tree and the movie it represents. Callie Bartkin, a sophomore at Apopka High School, states, “My  favorite tree was probably The Beauty and the Beast themed, it was so bright and was decorated with so many details from the movie.” If the tree trail isn’t your thing, Disney Springs also offers a Christmas Scavenger hunt that sends you around the complex searching for hidden characters. At the end of the scavenger hunt, if you earn all of the stickers in the correct order, you are given a special Disney Springs gift for free.

Photo Credits to wdwnt.com

Universal: Holiday Character Celebration- Now to Jan. 3

Universal is widely known for their indoor and outdoor attractions, but this year they are bringing some fun to the holiday season. Universal recently introduced their new Holiday Character Celebration along with new Christmas shows all around the park. Another attraction at Universal that is back by popular demand is the annual Christmas float parade. This parade includes many of Universal’s movie characters as they drift through the walkways of Universal decked out with Christmas spirit. “Out of the options, Universal’s Holiday Character Celebration stood out to me because it is close and has the perfect balance between Christmas spirit and fun rides.” Terry said. The park also offers many christmas  movie themed snacks that can be purchased in shops and bakeries in the park. In response to the pandemic, in order to get into the theme park you must register and buy your ticket online.

Photo Credits to undercovertourist.com