Fantastic Freshman: Jacob Davis

Freshman year of high school is a year most kids can’t wait for and a memory most adults can never forget. In Jacob’s case, his freshman year will certainly not be forgotten, but not quite in the way most of us are thinking. COVID-19 restrictions took away Jacob’s homecoming, allowed for him to learn from the comfort of his bed, and implemented new guidelines to play a sport he loves.


What were your expectations for your freshman high school experience?

I expected it to be pretty challenging but overall fun. I was looking forward to competing in high school sports which seemed like a fun experience. I have an older brother who just graduated from high school. He seemed to enjoy high school, so my expectation was based on his experiences.

What were the differences between your expectations and the reality of high school?

The pandemic has had an effect on my high school experience. It has caused the learning side of high school to be overall less exciting and boring. I enjoy the sports side of high school since I can interact with others and compete.

How has your soccer season been affected during this pandemic?

The soccer season really hasn’t been affected much by the pandemic. We have had to reschedule a few games due to other teams testing positive. We have got tested 2 times, both of them negative. As we approach the playoffs, hopefully no one tests positive so we can finish the season.

What were your reasons behind going LaunchED during the first semester? If you came back during one of the nine weeks what persuaded you to come?

My parents decided that I should go LaunchED during the pandemic. [Jacob continues to work online as a LaunchED student.]

How have your teachers helped you become more interactive in the high school community from home?

I have not gotten any assistance in participating in clubs or activities.

What clubs and activities do you participate in at Apopka High School?

I play two sports: soccer and cross country.