Thank You, Cafeteria Staff

During these hard times, many have struggled to get food on their own plate, let alone the plates of their families. However, the cafeteria staff at Apopka High School continue to strive keeping the people of our community well nourished and well fed. The Apopka High School community would like to offer our thanks:

Dear cafeteria management,

There aren’t enough words to express how thankful we are for each and every one of you. Not only do you work relentlessly to feed the students of this school, but you brighten every single one of their days while doing it. Whether it’s saying “Have a nice day,” while handing someone their breakfast or “How are you doing, honey?” when passing out dinners, none of these actions have gone unnoticed.


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The pandemic has caused some bumps in the road, but the cafeteria staff hasn’t let that slow them down. “In our cafeteria we strive to make it as user friendly and efficient as possible,” head cafeteria manager, Ms. Williams states. In order to do this, the staff set up signs and signals to ensure the lines move smoothly while also following the many safety precautions. One of these safety precautions is making pre-packaged food and keeping lids and containers to distribute food.


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Ms. Williams has been a part of our very own Apopka High School for 16 years out of her 28 years working in Orange County.

“We play a vital role at this school and educate our students; they cannot focus on their schoolwork and learning on empty stomachs. Your mind is more focused when you are not hungry and have had a well balanced meal.”


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Besides the new precautions, the cafeteria management also prepares the food for the day and makes sure to greet the students and other staff with a big smile and great attitude. “One of my favorite things about getting my breakfast from school is the employees’ behavior, they always get me going and ready for what’s coming.” junior, Gaby Fontan, explains.



Again to all those who work in the cafeteria, we truly don’t know what we would do without you. So here’s one last thank you for all the time and patience you put in to ensuring we have a safer and brighter future.