Helping Out Where it Counts

 When we anxiously waited for school schedules to come out before the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the first thing you probably wondered is will this teacher help me succeed academically? Well, teachers like Mr. Sensiper and Ms. Anderson have been listening and helping students pursue the desire to succeed. How so, you may be asking yourself? The answer is these teachers have scheduled tutoring sessions throughout the week solely for your benefit.

“Failure is a bigger fear than letting someone help you not fail,” Ms. Anderson said when asked what she would say to those who are scared to get tutored. Tutoring sessions after school are a great way for students who may not fully understand the lesson to work with the teacher to hopefully learn what they were struggling with. Mr. Sensipers’s tutoring sessions are after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Ms. Anderson tutors on Wednesdays. Both Ms. Anderson and Mr. Sensiper encourage students who may be struggling and not asking questions during the designated class time to join them in their tutoring sessions.

Students have also started to help their fellow peers in tutoring sessions during their free periods. This group of kids is led by Ms. Anderson, allowing those learning to get help from different individuals and those who are dedicating their time to tutoring while earning community service hours. One of these student tutor’s names is Rebecca, and she is a senior here at Apopka high school. Rebecca enjoys tutoring kids because she likes when “the students’ faces light up because they actually understand what I’m saying.” 

The option for students to attend tutoring is important, but Ms. Anderson also believes that teachers keep the kids involved during class as well. Her hopes would be “for them to get the students involved and participate in the math activities.” And if those kids are still struggling to comprehend the lesson, that is when they need to make the decision whether or not to attend extra tutoring sessions. With that, here is another inspiring quote from Ms. Anderson; “Believe in yourself, because I believe every student can get the concept of the math being taught to them.”