The Brilliant Bella Ramos

You may have seen her tripping down the stairs, or maybe she was the random girl who came up to you and made you feel welcomed at school. Bella Ramos is one of Apopka High School’s soon-to-be graduates, but before she leaves, she shares her positivity with everyone she encounters. Outside of school, Bella enjoys hanging out with her friends and living her life to the fullest. In Mrs. Houvouras’s classroom, she spends her time finding new ways to trip over cords and chargers.

What are some interesting facts about you that people should know about?

I’m honestly not that interesting, but I like reading. I am really good at talking to people and I know exactly how to hold a conversation with somebody.

What are some of your most unforgettable childhood/adolescent memories?

I used to harvest rolly pollys, and when it rains I had this wheelbarrow and it would have water in it and I would make potions and try to feed them to my brother. I was a little bit of a which back then. pollies and witch?

Favorite songs/artists?

I love Queen a lot but my favorite song right now would be “Maneater” by Hall & Oaks, that’s a really good song.


What is one event you look forward to this year?

Grad bash but not prom, because prom sounds so strange but grad bash sounds interesting.

Advice for Freshman/Underclassmen?

This is going to sound so stupid but, even if you are unsure of yourself now, just make sure you’re open to advice and growing so you can love yourself as you are

Mrs. Houvouras wants to know how you’re so clumsy?

Umm well you see I would blame it on my feet, but honestly it’s because I go too fast and because I’m careless and that is it.