Blue Darter Ballers


The boys basketball program is on a winning streak and doesn’t plan on losing anytime soon. Our varsity boys have a record of 14-2, JV 11-1, and the freshman  team is undefeated. Our boys have overcome many obstacles, to get where they have gotten. However, their pure desire and motivation to play basketball has earned them a winning record and they have no intent of stopping anytime soon.

When you join our Apopka Boys Basketball program, you aren’t just joining a team, you’re joining a family. Senior Samuel Alexis (Sam) states, “We all love each other and there’s no hate towards one another on the team.” Now you may be thinking “How can a team be like family?” Well that all boils down to the program and how coaches decide to manage it. Coach Williams has been coaching at Apopka High School for over 7 years. He has built a strong, successful program and continues to do so.

A pregame routine is also another important factor that goes into winning games. For those of you who don’t know, a pregame routine is something you do before every game to get you mentally and physically ready to compete on the court. For the boys as a team, their pregame routine consists of sitting together on the bleachers and supporting the Apopka team that plays before until halftime. Then they change, stretch, and get hype for their game. Some athletes do multiple things to get ready.Sophomore Ryan Storr, “I stretch until halftime of the freshman game and listen to music, and then I use my massage gun to massage my leg out so I’m not as stiff during the game.” Others like Sam just have a specific song that motivates them. In Sam’s case that is “Leroy Brown.” He said, “I listen to that song before every game.”

This past Tuesday our boys faced off against school rival, Lake Brantley, and boy was it a show! Apopka and Lake Brantley fought back and forth in both the stands and the court. In the end the Apopka boys came out with a major win. Coach Williams was very proud and sent out an email to all staff saying, “Despite entering the season with only 3 returners, the Apopka Boys Basketball Team is currently:

14-2 overall after a hard fought 61-55 win at Lake Brantley last night.  Your Blue Darters are:

Ranked #5 in Class 7A

Ranked #1 in our Region

Ranked #23 in all schools in Florida

This has been a remarkable stretch for a group of young men who continue to be overlooked and underappreciated around central Florida basketball circles and I’m incredibly proud of their work ethic, teamwork and collective sense of pride.  They truly represent Blue Darter Nation the right way!!”

The Blue and White encourages you to go out and support our Boys team as they face off against the following teams;