Intercepting the Powerpuff and Football Recap

It is safe to say that Homecoming week was a success! The students and staff showed their school spirit throughout and participated in many of the events that came along with it. On the athletics side of things, Apopka hosted their annual Powderpuff game and the infamous Homecoming, Crazy Blue and White football game.

The Powderpuff game was Tuesday, October 11th, and boy was it a show! Seniors and Juniors went head to head in a flag football game in hopes to bring their class the Daisy Cup. On the offensive side Seniors, Aubrey Evans, Taylor Adams, Skylar, and Jesianna Mora led their team to a victory over the Juniors, collectively scoring 38 points to the Juniors’ 14 points. Juniors made sure to fight to the end, Hernika with two touchdowns assisted by Lauren Jones. Refs made sure to call an overall fair game making sure both teams didn’t cheat.


Although the Seniors won this year, the rivalry between Coach Houvouras and Coach Jenkins goes on strong.  After the game, The Blue and White asked Coach Jenkins about a misunderstanding on the field. Coach Jenkins reassured us  that, “ I just had to remind Coach Hardy the rules of the game. She hasn’t played in a while so she accidentally gave us less yards.” Coach Houvouras, on the other hand, enjoyed his team’s victory over the Juniors by saying, “The absolute domination from the Seniors was inspiring to behold. There were a lot of good athletes; they listened well and worked together very well. And I think when you put up 35 points after only four practices, that not only shows the disparity between the Seniors and  Juniors. It is also a testimony to what kind of kids the seniors are.” Coach Houvouras adds his favorite part of the Powderpuff game was, “beating the crap out of the Juniors, and beating the crap out of Coach Jenkins.”

The Powderpuff cheerleaders gave us glitz, glam, and a few dance moves that may or may not have involved them shaking their butts. These boys made sure to keep the crowd entertained with their one of a kind chants and stunts. During the halftime show they put their efforts together to not only hype up the bleachers, but also catch senior Katie Prekvesk, completely off guard when Dyson Hurlburt (her boyfriend) came onto the field with a Homecoming proposal.


m how many words can you see right now?  Fri Friday night was just as exciting when the boys went head to head against West Port. When the Apopka football team wants to crush the competition for Homecoming week that’s exactly what they are going to do! Within the first few minutes of the game you could already hear the announcer saying “Touchdown for the Apopka Blue Darters!” The game did not slow down after that, the boys won with a final score of 44-0. The stands were packed full of school spirit as everyone wore their Crazy Blue and White to cheer the football team to a victory. Senior Andrew McClain recaps the team’s production during the homecoming game by saying, “I think we did good. The team really had to show out because of Hoco week and we did exactly that.”