Learning the Most about Alyssa Ramos

You probably see her while you are walking to your class, or maybe in front of the student section during Friday night lights. You may have even seen her on the softball field practicing. Alyssa Ramos is a senior at Apopka High School and hasn’t let the pandemic hold her back from experiencing a true senior year. Not only is Alyssa a member of the varsity softball team but she is also a member of Senior Class Council and the Student Government Association. She is also a very talented singer among her other numerous hobbies.

Are there any achievements or highlights from your high school career that you are particularly fond/proud of? If so, what are they?

I would say that my greatest achievement from high school would be balancing a sport, SGA, and Student Class Council.

How do you manage your school and outside life?

I take the days I don’t have anything to do, if there is no baseball or football game, I go home and do my work. We only have practice for softball once a week so I can manage it with my other extracurriculars pretty easily.

What are you most excited for this year?

Homecoming and the spring sports season because I will be playing softball.

Have you made any decisions on colleges you would like to apply for? Which schools?

I think I’m going to end up doing Valencia and transferring to a bigger college. But I’m still applying to some four- year colleges as well.

 How has your time at Apopka High School shaped you?

The nice answer is that high school has made me develop a tougher shell. 

What are your feelings about your dad working at the school you attend?

Well, he’s been my coach since I started playing softball when I was eight, so he’s kind of always been in my extracurricular stuff. When I started playing softball here, he decided to coach the softball team here and then he decided to go all the way and get a job here. But I don’t mind it, I know I can rely on him for stuff.