All About Ag

The FFA, otherwise known as “The National FFA Organization,” is a club here at Apopka that encourages career development, personal success, and premiere leadership within agriculture. Students can sign up to take agriculture classes during a school day where they learn the DOs and DON’Ts of farming, breading, etc. After school is when Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Sanchez, and Mr. Harper hold their FFA meeting to discuss upcoming contests and the progress of their chapters. A chapter is the student organization arm of a school-based agricultural education program. This organization also helps students earn money by winning competitions and get scholarships for college.







The Blue and White got a chance to talk to two of the FFA sponsors: Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Sanchez.

“FFA is important because it allows students the hands-on opportunity to use what they learn in the classroom in a real-life setting. A lot of our contests are contests that would be for a career that they look forward to,” stated Ms. Sanchez. Both sponsors had a lot to say, but Ms. Hamilton was especially passionate about how much this organization has changed in recent times stating, “We’re not just about farming, there’s all types of high end technology stuff. We use drones, we breed, we take care of animals. It’s so many other things.”


The Apopka FFA has been very successful this year. Senior, Bella Kraft, showed and sold laying hens and earned about $700. Freshman, Tyler nelson, placed 3rd overall Senior Showman, showing off his heifer and bull alongside his brother Bradley Nelson. The Livestock Evaluation team placed 18th in the State Preliminaries on February 12th earning a spot in state finals. The aquaculture team recently placed fifth in the state earning a trophy that will be presented to them at the state convention. Last but not least, the Meats Evaluation team for placing 6th in the State Preliminaries and will also go on to the state convention.


The National FFA Organization currently has 735,038 FFA members, from ages 12-21, in 8,817 chapters. That may seem like a lot, but the FFA is always looking for new members who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture. Ms. Sanchez believes that one of the biggest weaknesses in their chapters is student participation. She states “A lot of students don’t like to stay after school and  do anything that is above and beyond the absolute minimum.” But in terms of strengths, those who do apply themselves to this club “are very dedicated to their studies.” This dedication helps this students become “successful, financially and educationally. We’ve had many kids get full ride scholarships for their area of study.”