Yearning for Yearbooks

As you grow up and move on to bigger things than high school, many tend to look back at those four years as the most memorable years of their life. As an adult, there’s no better feeling than pulling out that old high school yearbook and finding pictures of your younger self with all your fellow peers. However, have you ever stopped to think about all the work that goes behind making the yearbook and who has chose do that? At Apopka High School, yearbook is an elective that you can choose to take as one of your classes. That does not mean that joining the yearbook committee is all butterflies and sunshine. To be on our yearbook staff  you must be willing to meet deadlines, work after school hours, and constantly knowing what is happening around school.


The amazing teacher behind the yearbook this year has been Ms. Kelley. Not only does she handle organizing the yearbook, but she teaches English 3 classes as well. This is Ms. Kelley’s second year as the yearbook teacher; she took over this class halfway through the year of 2021. Picking up a new class also means picking up new responsibilities. In Ms. Kelley’s case, her new duties include, “scheduling team photos, knowing about events that are happening on campus, getting coverage, selling books, the duties are endless.”



The staff members of the yearbook committee take great pride in their work. The Blue and White interviewed member, Spencer Jones, a senior and editor on the yearbook staff. What Spencer looks forward to most is, “documenting senior events coming up like grad bash and prom.” You have probably seen him at quite a few school events. He is usually walking around with a camera in his hand and a press pass around his neck. Spencer says, “The most challenging task as a senior is keeping up with everything that needs to be done without stressing yourself out.” Deadlines are crucial for the yearbook to be made in a timely manner, so as a reward Ms. Kelley and her yearbook classes will throw deadline parties once they have completed a core deadline.



Yearbooks capture some of the most exciting years of your life. It gives you a year’s worth of memories in one book. According to Ms. Kelley, “People should buy the yearbook because we try to represent lots of people in the book. We also try to cover different parts of the school that have not been covered in previous years. I think there will be more diverse faces then just the same several that are always in a yearbook.” To purchase a yearbook you can either visit apkyearbook on instagram and click on the link in the bio, or go to . Right now the yearbook is $75 and they have limited books so buy one as soon as possible!


If you are looking to join the yearbook committee, you can get an application in room 536 or contact Ms. Kelley at [email protected]. Ms. Kelley believes, “people should join the yearbook committee because it is important to preserve your high school memories, it’s fun to look back on what you’ve done and accomplished. It also teaches you skills like organizing, meeting deadlines, interviewing people, and overall just getting outside your comfort zone.”