Dripping in Luxury

Prom will definitely be a night to remember. During one night only, students get dressed up in extravagant dresses and suits to attend a formal dance put together by Apopka’s very own Junior Class Council. Leading up to this event are promposals, appointments, outfit shopping, picture planning, dinner reservations, etc. Whether it was the preparations people took leading up to the event or the actual event itself, it is definitely safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves on May 7th, 2022.

Before you can make plans for prom, you have to find people to plan it with. Instead of just casually asking them in a conversation, some people set up huge promposals with lots of gifts and big posters. Madison Jones, pictured left in the first photo, asked her friend Erica to be her friend date to prom. Jacyeon, a senior at APK, asked Diamond to be his prom date in the courtyard. And lastly, Larson asked his girlfriend Abi to be his prom date on Easter with a poster and goodie basket.

On the day of prom, you will see a bunch of young ladies and gentlemen running around frantically getting ready to meet up with their friends and family. It is all worth it in the end when you see all the beautiful pictures of everyone all dressed up. It is one day out of the whole year girls and boys can dress up in their most “luxurious” attire and dance the night away from 8pm-12am. And it is safe to say Apopka High School understood the assignment.


Creds: suspenseful_life (Best photographer)

















At 10:00pm our prom king and queen were announced. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for Prom Court, but in the end there could only be one prom king and queen; and for the 2022 school year that honor was given to Roc Beckford and Skyla Abramson! The two shared a slow dance together after being announced as the winners and made sure to make it as awkward as possible since they were both attending the dance with their significant others. Prom ’22 was certainly an evening to remember.