Junior Class Council

Junior Class Council is a club for 11th graders to join and get active in the school community. This club organizes many school events, one of them being prom. Students can join this club by filling out a form in the beginning of the year. Mr. Anchel, the JCC sponsor, will then go through all the forms and decide whether or not the applicants would be fit to represent their class. From there, if you are chosen, you will beginning planning the class shirt, activities, and volunteer work, on a Thursday once a month.

As of this year, the President of JCC is Michaela Moss and the Vice President is Maddie Walsh. The Blue and White asked them a few questions and here was what they had to say:

How were you introduced to this club?

Michaela: “I saw an announcement about it in canvas.”

Maddie: “I had Mr. Anchel as a teacher last year for AP World and he would talk about JCC.”

Do you have any goals for your club this year? If so, what are they?

Michaela: “We want to come up with events that the whole student body enjoys.”

Maddie: “I want to help plan an amazing prom that everyone remembers for years!”

How far along are you with planning prom?

Michaela: “It’s a secret.”

Maddie: “We have a date, location, and a theme. Currently we are shopping for decorations then it  moves into selling tickets and hosting the event.”

What made you want to join this club?

Michaela: “I wanted to be a part of a group that would make people happy.”

Maddie: “I wanted to represent my class and plan a memorable prom.”

The JCC will be coming out with the location and theme of our prom sometime next month. The Blue and White wishes the JCC the best of luck in creating the most spectacular prom yet!