Weightlifting: The Weight is Finally Over!

Although carrying out sports this year has been rough, weightlifting has been sure to not let the pandemic bring them down. Weightlifting is usually looked upon as an individual sport, however with the support of their teammates, these players push past their limits and accomplish more. This group of athletes check all the boxes when it comes to being determined and putting in the work. With the help of their coach, Mr. Rolson, the team is sure to have a great season.

Coach Rolson has been coaching Boys and Girls Weightlifting for a combination of about 10 years, some of those being an assistant coach. Due to the pandemic, there have been a lot of changes and adaptations in athletics, weightlifting being one of them. Coach Rolson explains that the past few years he has been able to find good lifters during school in the weight room, but as of this year he has struggled finding students to perform in all weight classes. While still trying to assemble a full team, Coach did not neglect to tell The Blue and White that the Apopka High School Weightlifting team will make sure to “be quality Blue Darters and represent themselves and our school well.” Before every meet it is an unspoken rule for a coach to encourage their team. Coach Rolson makes sure to encourage his teams by telling them “to put in the work and expect to be successful.”

Photo Credits: Dean Stewart Photography

Myller Terameau is a junior at Apopka High School and a part of the Boys Weightlifting team. Myller joined the team to get stronger and build upon his technique. “I like to do the hang clean because it was one of the skills I struggle most with, and that makes me want to try to do it more and succeed,” Myller says. From its appearance, weightlifting can easily be misconstrued as a sport that only requires brute strength. However, he believes that although it does challenge you physically, “it also really tests you mentally and sees if you have been working.” Technique is also very important while lifting weights, whether it’s for a sport or just working out. This is why one of Myller’s main focuses for participating in this sport is to learn the proper technique and build up muscle.

As a member of the Girls Weightlifting, junior, Fabiandra Foga enjoys the experience weightlifting has given to her. “A lot of people don’t want to do it because they think they’re not strong enough or lifting weights will make them look manly.” Fabiandra admits. But contrary to the popular public opinion, much of the team, including Fabiandra, relish the “competitive atmosphere.” As far as personal goals go, Fabiandra is determined to “lift 200 pounds by senior year.”

Overall The Blue and White hopes to see great things from the Apopka weightlifting teams. This season is sure to have it’s bumps in the road, but with the right safety measures this team will make sure to not disappoint. If you would like to join weightlifting contact Coach Rolson at [email protected]. Good luck, Weightlifting!