Kraken Open Hoco Week

Over the years, Apopka High School has had some of the grandest Homecomings. Sadly, we were deprived of Homecoming last year due to the pandemic. That is why, this October, Apopka High School will be hosting the most anticipated, thrilling Homecoming at the one and only Sea World! The week leading up to this riveting event will be full of fun activities for all of our students and staff. Mr. Peters, the SGA sponsor, expresses his excitement to work with this year’s SGA classes, believing they have the “potential for doing a great job.”

 October 11th will be the first day of Homecoming activities. Throughout the whole week, students and staff will show their school spirit by dressing up in outfits correlating with the day’s theme. Monday will be Bikers vs. Surfers, Tuesday is Sports Day, Wednesday is Country vs. Country Club, Thursday will be The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly( for seniors it will be Senior Citizens vs. Kids), and Friday will be the infamous Crazy Blue & White Day. Students and staff are encouraged to dress up in the craziest, radical, and unique ways possible! Skyla Abramson, SGA president pro-tempore and senior, says, “I hope that people use their creativity to come up with fun outfits for spirit week. I hope that every student and staff member will try and participate in spirit week in some way which will help unify every darter on campus!”

Make sure to mark your calendars for this next event: October 12th will be the Powderpuff game. Powderpuff is a battle of the upperclassmen, Juniors vs. Seniors. Girls participate in a competitive game of flag football while the boys cheer them on with their mini skirts and pompoms. The night is bound to be full of fun while our very own teachers ref the game and boys strut their stuff during the halftime performance. The tension has already started to build up as Skyla along with other seniors, express their eagerness to win. Skyla says, “I have been put on offense and am really excited about beating the Juniors.”

What better day to support your boys football team than the day before Homecoming? This year our boys will be facing off West Port for the traditional homecoming football game. Fans are asked to wear their craziest blue and white attire for this event. 

Last but certainly not least will be the Homecoming dance held at Sea World. You are probably thinking, “Why would they choose to hold the Homecoming at Sea World?” Well, during this extraordinary dance, not only will everyone be dancing under the stars, but both the Kraken and Manta will be running all night for the guests personal enjoyment. Masks are not mandatory since the event is outside, and tickets will start at $75 from September 27th to October 8th, then $85 from October 11th to October 15th. As the SGA sponsor, Mr. Peters is hoping to make this Homecoming one to remember. He says, “I am always excited– We are going to have fun and remember the year. We are going to have a great Homecoming and great spirit week.”