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Ashley Ferencsik

Ashley Ferencsik, Staff Writer

Ashley Ferencsik is a senior at Apopka High School and newcomer to The Blue and White newspaper. Ashley joined the newspaper staff for a new experience that peaked her interests. Creativity is an adjective Ashley is tremendously familiar with. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, cross stitching, and embroidery. When she’s not doing crochet, Overwatch, Skyrim, and Stardew Valley are a few video games Ashley enjoys playing.

Ashley has hopes of pursuing a career as an allergist. In order to do so, Ashley would like to attend a university that contains a medical program once she finishes high school. After she graduates at the university she then would like to go to a medical school and take the classes necessary to become an allergist. Family-wise, Ashley doesn’t have any particular goals, stating, “I personally don’t care much about starting my own family, especially now and I doubt when I’m in my 20’s.”

The last year of high school experience is usually an important experience. In Ashley’s case, it has been very underwhelming. The coronavirus has affected many events, including how students are being educated. Ashley is currently enrolled in the medical magnet here at Apopka High School. She is also a part of the HOSA to learn more about the medical field. Her goals for this year are to “ensure my grades are the best I can get them” and “participate in more club activities, like YES.”

Ashley Ferencsik is a bright young lady who is on the path to success. Whether it’s crocheting plushies for friends and family or excelling in school. Ashley always seems to affect those around her and learn from them as well. So let us all welcome Ashley to The Blue and White!

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Ashley Ferencsik