Anime Club Status: Ongoing


Anime is a style of Japanese animation seen in both films and TV shows and can be marketed towards both children and adults. Although it originates in Japan, anime is loved by many throughout the globe, especially in the United States, as well as the Philippines. Due to its high popularity, there is no surprise that avid anime fans are even present here at Apopka High School. Mr. Wagner is the current sponsor of the club, with club President Ireland Turner, Vice President Spencer Jones, and Secretary/Treasurer Kaylee Witengier.

Ireland Turner’s Manga bookshelves

The anime club has been sponsored by Mr. Wagner for 4-5 years now because he has “always enjoyed Anime/Manga and the ability of the authors to take us to completely different worlds.” He wanted to share that experience with students. He achieved this through weekly club meetings, watching anime movies or shows together, video game tournaments, drawing contests, and VR games on the Oculus. However, due to Covid, all in-person meetings have ceased and all club activities are done through a Canvas class, which is where President Turner and Secretary/Treasurer Witengier were introduced to the anime club at the beginning of the first semester.

Although Covid had heavily restricted the normal club activities, President Turner, along with various other members, have found ways to interact with each other despite the physical separation. Turner says that “Since I am LaunchEd, I would say my favorite activity is to start conferences and have the other members join and participate.” Jones and Witnegier also express that their favorite thing about the club is just being able to socialize with others about similar interests and thoughts. As a member before Covid hit, VP Jones had expressed both the positive and negative outcomes of moving the club online. He points out the negative aspect of no physical meetings, both after school and during lunch. Despite this drastic change, he is grateful for the increased number of club members this year compared to the 2019-2020 school year.

Anime Club President: Ireland Turner

Overall, the Anime Club has heavily grown throughout the drastic changes brought upon by Covid and has perhaps ultimately changed for the better. It has allowed people of different backgrounds and situations the chance to come together to communicate with others of similar interests comfortably and conveniently. If you’re looking for a club that focuses on anime, manga, or even video games, Apopka High School’s Anime Club is surely the club you want to join.