Cheering on Coach Rolson

Coach Rolson, a teacher and coach, is not a new face at Apopka High School. He has been avidly participating in Apopka’s athletics, like football and weightlifting, as well as classes like PE. He has guided previous sports teams to various victories and had achieved various state titles. We hope we can continue to see Coach Rolson guide our school to more victories in the future!

Coach Rolson

How long have you been here at Apopka High School?

About 10 years. 99-02 I taught PE and coached Football and weightlifting. We won the State Championship in 2001 which was the first for AHS. I was the defensive coordinator. From 2012-16 I returned and we went to three consecutive state title games and won in 2012 and 2014. I was the defensive coordinator. I also was an assistant track coach at that time. My son Jacob played the defensive line for Apopka during that time and has two championship rings. I came back again mid-year in 2018 as the head coach and we were runner up in 2019 and were the Final 4 and region champion this season.

What class do you teach?

PE and weight training. My room is in the 900 building, which is the fieldhouse next to the football stadium. The weight room is very small, about the size of a garage. Before Covid, it got crowded; now not so much.

What is your favorite thing about AHS?

The people make Apopka special. More like family. Kids are tougher as well. Have spent a significant amount of my professional life at Apopka and have some close friendships. Like the fact that it is on the edge and not in Orlando. I’m a little bit of a country guy.

How would you describe your experience teaching and coaching?

Very rewarding. [I] Have worked for three different principals at AHS and several athletic directors. I really liked most of them. The core of the coaching staff has been consistent. Coach Anderson came here a year after I started and never left, so he is the winningest football coach in Apopka Football History. He and I have been here the longest and will finish together, unless I get fired, which can happen. Teaching is good. Kids are cool for the most part, and during Covid don’t talk as much with their masks on, which is nice also.

What are some hobbies you do during your free time?

Rolson on the football field.

Fishing/reading/woodworking. [I] won the Million-word Challenge back in the day, but the only teacher/student who could compete with me left and went to Winter Park. That was Mr. Trumpeter. I don’t feel it’s fair for me to compete anymore.

Is there any advice you would like to give to all AHS students?

Think for yourself. Develop a strong work ethic. Don’t expect or want handouts from anyone.