Say YES to the Young Environmentalist Society


Ashley Ferencsik, Staff Writer

Climate concerns, along with environmental care, have been gaining popularity in the news these past few years as more troubles arise. Incidents like the California wildfires, the Australian wildfires, and melting of the polar ice caps have only increased any discussions regarding climate change and preservation. The Young Environmentalist Society, also known as YES, have been taking their environment and community into their own hands, and participate in taking care of their school and community, as well as spreading awareness of the importance of maintaining the environment.

Youth lead environmental cleanup at La Sagesse Beach | NOW Grenada
Photo Credit: NOW Grenada

YES was established last year in the 2019-2020 school year, in which “The primary vision is to promote environmentalism in Apopka”, as said by a former member. Mrs. Houvouras sponsors the club, even though the club wasn’t her idea in the first place. She says “Last year’s president wrangled me into the job, but I was actually happy to help.” She adds that as a mother and grandmother, “I’d like to do anything I can to help dial back the damage that has been done.”


Last year, YES took part in recycling around the campus, proper electronic disposal, and a trip out to a beach for cleanup. Along with physical activities, YES also partakes in writing educational materials to share with the school and community. Since it’s only the beginning of the school year, meeting days and times have not yet been determined, but meetings will be done virtually as of now. The future of YES is unclear, as some activities may not be allowed due to restrictions from Covid-19. It is expected that YES will gain more members this year, because of the activities and involvement from last year.

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Photo Credit: Orange County Coastkeeper

Overall, the Young Environmentalist Society is an important addition to Apopka High School, as students are able to keep the future of their school and community, environment-wise, in their own hands. With their physical and educational activities, they are bound to make a difference within the community.