You Can Count on Senior Class Council

SCC also posts tips and tutorials alongside event announcements.

Senior Class Council, or SCC, is the senior class representative council that determines events and activities for the senior class of the current year. They are made up of the seniors of the current graduating class and choose to take part in planning and organizing special events. They work around new obstacles the current year provides in order to give seniors extra activities full of fun or meaning. One such special obstacle would be Covid and the negative impact it has on both regular school education, as well as extracurricular events and activities.

SCC President Stacy Nozime, in partnership with sponsors Ms. Wesighan and Ms. Lieffers and the rest of SCC, have been able to alter or create events differing from previous years in order to accommodate for this different school year. An upcoming event that will happen before spring break is a virtual scavenger hunt. Senior Kiersten Fahey comments on this new event, saying “I think having a scavenger hunt will be fun because it will give people some distraction from the pandemic.” Although this event may not be as immersive as a physical scavenger hunt would, it does guarantee participant’s safety due to its online nature. Participating in this event does not only satisfy one’s boredom, but prizes will be rewarded by the SCC.

AHS’s Class of 2021 Instagram

Another new event would be the introduction of a time capsule, which would be the first of its kind in the past few years at Apopka. It is to be opened at the Class of 2021’s 10-year reunion, SCC President Stacy Nozime expresses that she “would love ALL seniors to participate in both, so we can create memories and win some prizes that SCC will be giving out.” Many seniors seem to be interested in this idea, as it’s not a very common one at AHS. Kayla McFerrin, a senior, had expressed that she thinks the idea of a time capsule for the class of 2021 would be “cool, especially if the Class of 2021 Instagram posted it.”

All of the senior events from previous years have been canceled due to the restrictions Covid puts on just about everything.  SCC member Kassidy Lindsay says that although the virtual and safety barrier limits them, they are “trying to work on ideas and ensure we have a good senior year.” The long-awaited Grad Bash and Senior Olympics have not been finalized as of yet, but SCC is trying to find a way to replace these events with safer and online options. As the school year begins to wrap up, more finalized news about these events will be released and can be found on Instagram @ahsseniors2021.