The Women’s Empowerment Club Has the Right(s) Stuff


Source: Political Youth Network

Ashley Ferencsik, Staff Writer

Women’s empowerment has been a huge topic throughout history, and can be most notably known with the women’s suffrage movement in the United States. There are still movements such as these currently going on both in the U.S. and around the world, with a current one being the pro-life or pro-choice movements. As conflicts like these arise throughout the world, younger generations are also taking part in clubs or activities that spread awareness of these conflicts that both women and children may face. There is one such club here at Apopka High School, called the Women’s Empowerment Club, sponsored by Mrs. Rash and run by President Anna La May and Vice-president Hridya Manoj. 

The Women’s Empowerment Club has been a new addition to Apopka High, and despite that, has already gained a good following and reputation, as well as two sponsors involved in the club. The Women’s Empowerment Club was founded by Club President Anna La May, “as a means to have a safe space in which females, males, or any other may gather to share their stories/experiences.” The complete meaning behind the club doesn’t only involve women’s rights, but rather the general well being of many women who may have been abused or mistreated for any reason. The Women’s Empowerment Club is “anti-inequality, anti-injustice, anti-domestic violence, but we are not and never will be anti-men,” as stated by club sponsor Mrs. Rash. 

As this is the Women’s Empowerment Club’s first year, there are no previous activities, but with that comes more opportunities. Anna has voiced interest in some activities like inviting guest speakers to educate club members more on women’s issues, as well as place posters throughout the school hallways to attract more attention to both the club and its purpose. Fundraisers are also being considered to raise both money for breast cancer awareness, but these are only a couple examples of the many that Anna La May would like to see come to life. The club’s first ever meeting will take place in December 2020, so any interested students should definitely look out for that!

Overall, the Women’s Empowerment Club has the potential to be a very important addition to Apopka High School, as club activities and educational opportunities have the potential to impact our community and even future. With the future fundraisers and educational opportunities, they are bound to make a change within our community in at least Apopka, which is a great achievement in itself.