Painting a Picture with Jasmin Sanchez

Ashley Ferencsik, Staff Writer

Jasmin Sanchez, a senior here at Apopka High School, is a fairly active student within the Apopka community. She’s involved in clubs such as Beta Club, where she can compete with her art. She is also involved in HOSA, where she can volunteer and participate in fundraisers and activities around the community. She is currently working her hardest to graduate, get into a good college, and work her way towards her medical field dream job.

What hobbies are you interested in? 
The only hobbies I’m currently interested in is drawing, baking bread, and reading books.

How long have you been engaging in art?
I’ve been practicing my art skills since I was in elementary school when Sophie (my childhood friend) introduced me to it, and since then I’ve loved it.

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Are you involved in any clubs or other activities around campus?
I’m only currently involved in 2 clubs, one being Beta club and the other called HOSA.

How do you feel about having a different senior year than years prior?
At first, I was very sad that we were in this situation because it’s our last time in high school. But, after a while I’ve realized when I’m older it wouldn’t really matter to me that I didn’t get my senior year, so I’ve started to not worry about it and see the optimistic side of things.

What will you miss most about high school?
There’s three things that I will miss about high school. Number one, how much easier it is compared to college. Number two, I will miss the friends that I’ve made so far because you don’t usually keep all your friends from high school. Number three, I will miss some of my favorite teachers because they actually made the school year more enjoyable.

 What are your plans for the future?
In the future, I plan to pursue a job in the medical field as a reproductive endocrinologist or a physician’s assistant.