The Schedules They Are a-Changin’

Ashley Ferencsik, Staff Writer

So far, the 2020-2021 school year has been a mess compared to previous years, stemming from changes made due to Covid-19. Many teachers are having drastic schedule or course changes to accommodate for the difference in both the number of students that show up, as well as the demand for certain classes, since many are exempt from taking classes they don’t necessarily require for graduation. This change also impacts the students of those classes, so both teachers and students are being required to adapt fast for a slightly more normal learning experience.

Some teachers and students only had minor changes made to their schedule, like a singular class period being switched, while others had more impactful changes that have switched two or more. Nicholas Ramdeen, a senior here at Apopka High School, had said his schedule had impacted both his 2nd and 7th period, but adds “I am happy with the changes and I wouldn’t change it back.” Some changes came off as more neutral than positive, as Jasmin Sanchez, another senior, says “I am neutral about my class change as of right now,”  and later adds “I’m pretty content with the teacher and class.” 

Even with positive feedback, there is also negative feedback from the different changes. Mrs. Gardiner, the AP Language and now English 4 teacher, expresses that “ultimately it’s disruptive to the curriculum and the classroom morale.” The changes were necessary, so many teachers had to give up the classes they’ve been teaching prior years in order to accommodate for the new and different sort of school year we are currently experiencing. Another teacher, Mr. Wagner had to change up his entire schedule from six English 4 classes to six English 1 classes, which impacted the entirety of his schedule. He says that although the general change was a shock to him, he says “I think that I am needed much more where I am at now. “ 

With the different school year came many changes that impacted many students and teachers, with both a positive and negative outlook on these changes. There are multiple attitudes to this change, but it ultimately had to be done with this very different school year compared to previous years.