Seniors Say Thanks


As the end of this unprecedented school year comes near, many seniors are having the realization that this really was our last year of high school. Many students are going to college, whereas others may be starting their careers fresh out of high school. Regardless of where they may go after high school, the fact remains that they have grown and flourished within Apopka High School’s care. Before departing, some seniors have written out notes to teachers or staff that may have impacted them the most during their time here, which The Blue and White has compiled below:

Kamryn Hall:

During my first year of High school and all of middle school, I had trouble with understanding the concept of mathematics. I liked the idea of math, but I could never understand it– until I met Mr. Sensiper. He has a way of teaching and interacting with his students. He would congratulate me if I understood, and push me if I didn’t. He would help me with other classes like Calculus or Physics, taking time out of his day to help me. He would teach complex concepts if we asked, and taught in a way that most would understand, without mathematical jargon. That is what makes a great teacher, and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you, Mr. Sensiper!

Kaitlyn Scapanski:

Thank you Mrs. Kelley for everything you do for yearbook. You gave up so much to take over yearbook when we were in trouble and helped us get back on track. Yearbook would be so lost without you. I also want to thank you personally for 2 years of having my back. I always know that if I need someone or something I can always come to you for help or to just talk. You never fail to make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. I know that I will be okay in life after high school because of everything you have told me and talked to me about. I also now know that Of Mice and Men is not about a blind man because of you so that’s a bonus. I will definitely miss room 536 and all the memories when I graduate!!

Kaleb Pickle:

Navigating your senior year is no effortless task. It is inflated with college decisions, applying for financial aid or scholarships, and many other mentally challenging events. Retaining a teacher, like Mrs. Houvouras, that supports you and becomes your biggest cheerleader makes graduating more exciting than frightening. Mrs. Houvouras had always made it a point that advocating for anything whether it is combating injustices or promoting an idea is beautiful and very much needed within our society. From all of the books and articles we’ve read and all of the short films we’ve watched, I am truly edified to know a teacher like Mrs. Houvouras; someone who cares and invests in the next generation. Thank you, Mrs. Houvouras.

Cory Cardosa: 

Dear Mrs. Gillis,

There are teachers who want their students to graduate, teachers who want their students to pass tests and go off to college, and while there are plenty of capable teachers who invest their time in the education of their students. You not only excel at this, but you also will take the time to part with some lessons that we can apply in the real world, will ask us genuine questions of what we want out of life and through all of the enduring trials of covid and online school that the academic the community has had to endure, you power through unmotivated students and are always willing to teach those who want to learn.

Nicholas Ramdeen:

I am thankful for Mrs. McKie. I first met her when I was put into her first aid and safety class in 11th grade. I had no clue what the class was about but I instantly enjoyed it after the first day in her class. She was a great teacher then and still is now while I take her anatomy and physiology class in my 12th-grade year. She pushes her students to do their best now so they can be successful after school. I learned many things about the human body system and how to potentially save a life because of her. I’m happy I was able to meet her. She’s a great person and teacher. Thank you.

Kylie Kidd:

I want to say thank you to Mr. Smith. he has always been there for the Color Guard and became our teacher sponsor very fast and has always looked after the team. I appreciate everything he does for us and he’s also an amazing teacher and is always willing to help us with our school work. We appreciate you, Mr. Smith!!

Chalcedony Barnes:

In the spirit of Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to give a little bit of appreciation to one of Apopka High’s teachers, Ms. Henry. Thank you Ms. Henry for being a great instructor and for helping further the knowledge of Digital Information Technology (last year). I was able to use the skills that you taught in activities that I am participating in now. You did everything to make your class fun and exciting. I learned so much from you. Thank you for helping me to be a better person. Being part of your class was a genuine pleasure.

Delia Miller:

Thank you to Mrs. Brown, Mr. Beusse, Mr. Uhlig, and Yami for all of your time spent helping the Debate Team being as great as we are these past couple of years. From Fridays spent after school conducting mock debates to weekends at nerve-wracking day-long tournaments, you were always there to remind us that our results do not reflect us and that every day is a learning experience and an opportunity to improve. Creating an inviting environment for both novice and varsity members to experiment, learn, and try something out of their comfort zone has been the most rewarding in developing not only my debate skills but my confidence as well. Thank you so much for all that you guys have done for us.

Karlos Mancilla:

Over the last 4 years, Apopka High School and the surrounding community have played a major role in the person I am today. I came to AHS not knowing what to expect and feeling very unsure of what the next 4 years would look like. The numerous teachers I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by have helped guide me from an insecure freshman to the highly confident, determined person I am now. I have a great appreciation for educators, their hard work tends to be underappreciated in a number of ways and that has to change. I’d like to thank all of the teachers I’ve had the opportunity to work with over these last 4 years. To all of my fellow students, I will always cherish how you’ve made me feel welcome here at AHS and I’ll be forever grateful. Thanks for the memories AHS. HOKA HEY!

John Latimer:

During my four years here, there have been many people that have impacted my academic and athletic success, but I would like to give a special appreciation to Mrs. Townsend. As my medical magnet teacher, she always pushed me to be better, not only as a student but as a person as well. She gave me valuable life lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life as I grow into the person I am becoming. Thank you Mrs. Townsend for all that you have done for me, and the way you impacted my life at Apopka High School.