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Sara Oakley, Staff Writer

As another year starts for The Blue and White, we have the privilege of meeting new individuals that share the same passion for writing. Junior Sara Oakley, is one of the few people present behind the scenes of our newspaper. Sara loves to write fictional stories and even took creative writing her sophomore year with Ms. Gardiner. She also loves drawing, saying that she likes to draw objects rather than people. “Most of the time I'm able to copy a picture I see because that's easier for me than to free draw.” As a staff member, she thinks journalism is a big part of our society and it is very informational and helps people stay informed on the different things going on. When asked what she does for fun, Sara states that she likes to “have my friends over as much as I can during my free time because I think it’s important to enjoy the times when you’re not busy with school.”

For Sara, there are many aspirations in life. One of them is being able to attend UCF and dorm with her best friend. “I’m not sure what I would like to major in yet, but I’ve always been interested in something to do with management/organization skills.” As a way to help her reach her future goals, she works hard and tries her best to get good test scores and have all A’s, as well as being in clubs like SGA and JCC (Junior Class Council). Being a hard working student, Sara spends a lot of time working on school, meaning she tends to be one of the quiet people in class. But she wants people to know that even though she’s quiet and reserved, she has a lot of opinions about the different things going on.


As she reaches her last years as a high school student, she has stated the things that have shaped her into the person she is today. High school has helped her learn various interests and what she would like to pursue in the future, along with friendships that help her learn new things about herself. “Also, quarantine definitely helped as well, considering I spent most of the time in my room, it was a lot of a self discovery type of thing!” This school year has been different from every other academic year she’s had, saying “even though it might be different with the ways we are learning, once you get used to it it’s actually not that hard. As long as you know to manage yourself with assignments.” Some hopes she has for this school year are to continue focusing on her school work and getting good grades and staying on top of all of her classes.  As we slowly get to learn more about Sara, we love being able to spend time with her, both as a friend and a staffmate. 



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Sara Oakley