Getting to Know the Grateful Jacob Gadberry

Jacob Gadberry is a senior at Apopka, who has been here all four years. With many AP classes and participating in extracurricular activities, he has had a busy senior year so far. The Blue and White asked him some questions about how his year is going

What are your plans after high school, do you already know what college you’re going to? 

Haven’t committed yet, but I’m pretty sure I am going to Seminole State then UCF.

How has your senior year been due to everything going on this year? 

This year has been as good as it could have been; of course, I would have wanted a regular senior year, but sometimes you have to play with the card you were handed.

What have you enjoyed most about your senior year? 

Performing in and accompanying Darter Chorus during concerts.

What are some of your favorite memories from high school? 

Being a part of and performing in Darter Chorus.

What type of classes do you take, which one is your favorite? 

I am currently in 5 APs and 2 performing arts (Choir and Debate.) For me it is hard to choose a favorite; I love all of my classes!

What extracurricular activities do you do? 

I enjoy playing the piano and singing (I also play a little guitar.) Other than that I also like to hang out with my friends.

What advice would you give to any underclassmen? 

Challenge yourself, don’t say no to new opportunities, and always remember to leave time for yourself.