Meet the Magnificent Mrs. Munyon

Meet the Magnificent Mrs. Munyon

Mrs. Munyon is one of our guidance counselors at Apopka who’s been here for almost 10 years. With our shortage of guidance counselors recently, she’s had to do even more work helping make sure everything stays in order. The Blue and White got in touch with her to not only see how this experience has been for her, but also to showcase how difficult her job can be with less guidance counselors to help each other. 

 How long have you been a guidance counselor at Apopka? 

 This is my 9th year at AHS! 

 What has it been like with the shortage of guidance counselors?  

Being down a counselor most of this year has definitely been hard-especially with COVID. In a year when we are fully staffed, each counselor typically has between 400-450 students, and this year, that number has gotten larger. We are working very hard and putting in a lot of extra time to make sure our seniors graduate. We are grateful that our new Assistant Principal, Dr. Bray has been so supportive and helps us every way she can!

 Do you have a favorite thing about being a guidance counselor, if so what?  

There are so many things I enjoy about being a Guidance Counselor, but if I had to pick a favorite thing-it’s definitely working with students to guide them in the direction they want to go (college or career) and help them reach their goal. For some students, the goal is graduating high school and for others, it’s getting into a top university.  Celebrating a student’s success, at every level is the best feeling-to share their joy is priceless!

 Why did you want to be a guidance counselor?  

When I was in high school I had a wonderful guidance counselor.  She made such a positive impact on my life, that I wanted to pay it forward and do the same.

 How have things been more difficult in your job now because of COVID?  

This year has been harder because so many students are not attending school-in person or virtually. Unfortunately, many students are not working, not checking their emails and at times, we can’t reach parents either. It is very concerning that so many students are falling behind with their credits and GPA, as this will put them off-track for graduation.