Our Glamorous Gala Awaits

Our Glamorous Gala Awaits

Due to the challenges of COVID, many high school seniors have been stressed about losing their end of the year events like prom and graduation. Apopka High School has recently been organizing a makeshift prom called a Gala in order for seniors to be able to experience their last school dance. The Blue and White talked with the Senior Class Council President and sponsor to see how this will differ from the prom we are used to and what we should expect. 

Ms. Wesighan, the senior class council sponsor, explained how this Gala will be different from prom; “The Senior Gala will be for Apopka High School Seniors only. Although the event and activities will not replicate a traditional prom, it is our hope to celebrate our seniors and give them the opportunity to come together safely with their fellow classmates one more time before the graduation ceremony.” When asked if there would be any different activities occurring, Ms. Wesighan said, “Yes, we plan on having a few senior performances as well as several awards to hand out throughout the night. Seniors, check those Canvas Announcements for all updates and google forms!” She also stated that the Gala “will take place on May 8th from 7:00-10:30 pm here in the Apopka High School courtyard. SCC is working hard in their planning to make it a beautiful space for seniors to celebrate.”

The president of SCC, Stacy Nozime, said they decided to make it just for seniors because “With everything going on this year, seniors have not been able to really enjoy their final year of high school. With no Grad Bash, no Senior Olympics, and no monthly outings, we wanted to do something that we knew the seniors had been asking for which was prom. We hope that the Met Gala is something that seniors will be excited for and the senior class council is working HARD to make sure it is!” Other ways they plan to make the Gala safe for people is by “working on having seniors sign up for their seating so that we know who they are around. Every table will be distant and the seating at each table will be spread enough so that you are not sitting right next to someone. We also will have the standard sanitation supplies at each table, there will be hand washing stations throughout the place as well as sanitization areas. The bathroom halls will be kept open if need be and everyone is required to wear a mask at all times.” Stacy also says we should expect that “The gala will be more like music award shows or the Oscars, which is why we tried not to use the word prom when describing the event. You can expect music, awards, catered food and drinks that are individually packaged, and gift bags.” Regarding tickets, she said “We plan to send a sign-up list soon to get the numbers and tickets are 100% free so there is no purchase involved since people were hit really hard by COVID-19 financially. Just sign up and you are good to go!”

To get some student’s opinions, The Blue and White also talked to some seniors to see how they feel about having a Gala instead of a prom. Hailey Kay says she doesn’t mind the juniors not being able to attend because “it would give the seniors another chance to celebrate together as a graduating class.” Although she’s not sure if she’s going, she thinks “if everyone wears masks and keeps a distance, I think it’s a great, fun idea for the seniors.” Another senior, Haley Reed, says “It’s just kind of sad that there is no senior prom. That’s what everyone hopes to have that experience of and the class of 2021 never got the chance.” She also is thankful that they have the alternative of the Gala. Connor Holan, also a senior at Apopka, explains that he thinks it’s “unnecessary. You can still do a prom and have social distancing, just separate the parties of people.” But he does think it’s “nice for the seniors to be able to have something for themselves this year since COVID took most of the opportunities away.”

To get an idea of how the juniors are feeling, since they can’t attend, The Blue and White interviewed some as well. Devon Zembower says, “I think it’s sort of upsetting juniors aren’t allowed to attend since it’s just a different form of prom. We should be allowed to.” Another junior, Sage Thorp, says “I think it’s okay juniors can’t attend the Gala because hopefully, we will have other events for us next year.” She also thinks the Gala is a good way for just seniors to make memories.

To conclude, the Gala will be on May 8th from 7:00-10:30 pm in the Apopka High School main campus courtyard. Social distancing will be encouraged and masks are required. You can get tickets by signing up, and they’re completely free! The senior class council is doing the best they can to make up for prom and ensure seniors can enjoy their senior year before it ends. If you have any more questions regarding the Gala, you can talk to anyone on the senior class council or email Ms.Wesigan at: [email protected]