Meeting Matthew Prevesk

Meeting Matthew Prevesk

The Blue and White interviewed Matthew Prevesk, a senior at Apopka, to talk about his high school experience. Matthew committed to Florida University due to baseball in only his freshman year, so we questioned what that was like for him and the effects it had throughout high school. 

Why did you decide to commit to UF? Was it a harder decision as a freshman?

I picked UF because it’s one of the best baseball schools in the nation and the best school that was interested in having me play there. I committed my sophomore year and it was kind of hard but to me it was a no brainer.

Did committing to UF so early put pressure on the rest of your high school years?

Yes it did put some pressure on me because I was expected to do good most of the time but I just try to focus on me and what I do best.

What have you most enjoyed about playing baseball at Apopka?

I’ve enjoyed the energy that the team brings to every game. The  winning attitude and we also have a lot of fun doing it.

What has your senior year been like, what classes do you take?

My senior year has been pretty  good so far and chill. I only have 4 classes which is great. I take US government honors, AP stats, English 4 honors, and Digital Video.

What has been your favorite memory of high school?

My favorite memory is probably when I hit my first home run sophomore year because that feeling was amazing and the whole field went crazy.

What advice would you give to upcoming seniors?

My advice to upcoming seniors is when picking classes make sure you know you are going to like that class and go to the class everyday. Do your work.  For my people who play sports, just keep working. Also never forget there is always someone watching. If you get that chance then take it.