Yearbook’s Yearning for Success


The Yearbook class of Apopka High School has started up for another year to design an incredible yearbook once again. Since the yearbook is usually filled with pictures of school activities, dances, and classroom events, it may look a little different this year. With the recent exit of the primary Yearbook teacher, Ms.Springer, who we all miss greatly, Ms.Kelley has stepped in to guide the rest of her class.

The Blue and White interviewed Ms.Kelley about how it’s been so far teaching Yearbook, and she said, “It has been a smooth transition. I was quite unsettled about it at first, but the class has really come together to get tasks done.” She’s also determined to make the Yearbook a success, even if it’s different from other years. We asked about the differences compared to other years. She informed us, “It will be different due to COVID. Some things had to be taken out because they are either cancelled or do not follow social distancing guidelines, but it has forced us to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.” Making the Yearbook is a long process, and Ms.Kelley explained, “Yearbooks take pretty much the entire year to produce. We have several deadlines throughout the year and they are usually divided up by seasons. For example, fall sporthets and activities, winter, spring, and so on and so forth.” What she specifically enjoys about now teaching the class is “the students the most. I like to work with and help them capture special events during the year.”   


                                    Rush featured in the middle

One student of the Yearbook committee is junior Rush Tindell.  Rush said he enjoys “The bonds you make. Imagine taking a bunch of people who are all so different and putting them together in a year like 2020. It would seem impossible that we would become friends but things change. I look forward to my 5th period because I get to see all of these people who I traditionally wouldn’t have met. Yearbook will open your eyes to new possibilities.” He also has some favorite activities they have done in class which include “any errands that need to be run. For 5th period, we run quite a few errands but so far our biggest project has been the picture retakes. It felt good to help some of the LaunchED students get to retake their pictures and it really helped Ms.Kelly because she was able to get stuff done while we manned the pictures. Class is enjoyable everyday as well. It all goes back to the bonds that you make while you’re there, which make the class the most enjoyable.” Lastly, we asked if there was anything he looked forward to for Yearbook and he responded “Seeing the final goal. To see the live result of a book that we spent years working on is such a riveting feeling. After all of the work we’ve done throughout the year, the payoff will be huge! Especially considering that we’re doing even more work right now to insure that the yearbook reaches its deadlines on time. It’s the feeling like when a journalist gets a good review on their recent article or when a chef is asked to a table for a gratuitous compliment. Regardless of the reactions, I can say that I helped make the 2020 yearbook and that is a feeling that will only happen once.”

Another student in Yearbook, Connor Welch, is a sophomore at Apopka. He said he joined Yearbook because he “Wanted to do something that would allow me to leave my mark on the school and help me feel more connected with the students around me.” The Blue and White also asked about Connor’s favorite thing about Yearbook, and he said “Definitely the atmosphere of the classroom. Everyone is there to help you with your work and it’s just all positivity.” He also mentioned some difficulties now with Yearbook saying, “Trying to find photos with everyone properly wearing masks and social distancing has been an obstacle that we have had to overcome.” Although, Connor did agree with Rush when it comes to Yearbook helping you meet new people. Like how he’s “enjoyed being around the friends that I’ve made in the class and working together with them to create the yearbook.”

Overall, even though the yearbook may look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean it won’t be unique. Like Rush said, not only does it help our school, but it creates great friendships. For any students who may be interested in taking Yearbook in future years, Ms.Kelley recommends it by saying, “Deadlines are everything, so if you are organized in addition to having an interest in writing, yearbook could be for you. If you are looking for a way to get involved while being creative this would be a great class to sign up for.”