The Wonderful Mrs. Wilson


The Blue and White talked to our very own Algebra teacher, Mrs.Wilson, who’s been at Apopka  for 4 years. We talked to her about her own interests in teaching and math along with the challenges she has faced this year due to having to incorporate different skills to teach LaunchED students.

Why did you want to start teaching Algebra?

 I began teaching Algebra 1 because I love math and had a desire to change the stigma attached to math. Most students dislike math but I teach with the mentally “You do not have to like math in order to do it”.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching and coaching?

My favorite thing about teaching is building a rapport with my students and them having an ah ha  moments in class.

What has been your most memorable teaching experience?

My most memorable teaching experience was my first year teaching here at Apopka, I entered  the math class in the middle of the 1st nine weeks and helping those students learn/ grow to love math as well as pass the PERT EXAM pushed me to continue on this journey.

Has your teaching methods had to change to work with LaunchED students, if so how?

 My teaching methods changed tremendously since working with Launch-Ed students. In previous years, I taught using the rotation model and stations. It’s harder to do that with students online, so I’m learning to adapt by using breakout rooms.