Stepping our Way into Dance Season


Apopka High School’s Dance and Step teams are both starting up this year, and although they haven’t been to any competitions yet, the teams are very excited. Mrs. Hough, our research and critical thinking teacher, is the sponsor for both teams. The Blue and White interviewed her, along with a member of each team to get an idea of what they enjoy about the season but also what has been different due to COVID.

The Blue and White interviewed our Step Team’s coach, Mrs. Hough, to see what it’s like as a coach. Mrs. Hough originally became the captain when “Years ago a good friend of mine and I started a step team at the elementary school. We enjoyed seeing the comradery within the team and the excitement shown by the audience. Since being at AHS I was surprised they didn’t have a team, last year, a senior approached me about sponsoring the team and I was elated. My goals of the Step team are to bring about positive leaders, teach self-discipline and just to have fun.” Her favorite memory of the team is when “we’re just hanging out being silly. We were also invited to my friend’s high school, Ocoee (the one that I started the step team with years ago) to perform with them at their basketball game. It was wonderful to see the 2 teams bond.” And although because of COVID their team is smaller with fewer performances, to anyone who would like to try out Mrs. Hough says “Even if you can’t step come out and try, we’ve had plenty of beginners and they’ve done great.” 

The Co-captain of the Step Team, Brianna Harris, also talked about her thoughts on the team. “My favorite thing about being on the Step team is the vibe and energy the team members give off. It is truly amazing.” She also enjoys the bonding moments of the team before and after the performances saying, “My favorite memories about the Step team is before and after we have our performances we eat as a team. When we have school functions, we always eat before, but when we have competitions we eat after.” Something Brianna wanted people to know about the Step team was that “our team is like a family. We have our troubles but at the end of the day everything is going to be okay. The team is fully of different personalities and vibes but we all come together.”

Mrs. Hough is also the coach of Apopka’s Dance Team. Even though dance hasn’t had any competitions either, Mrs. Hough says, “I just enjoyed watching the team at practice and seeing their dances come together. I have always wished I could dance like that. I just love the comradery with the girls and being their school mom.” She became the coach when, “I was asked by the captains Isis and Brooklyn Clarke because they didn’t have a sponsor and it was their last year and they really wanted to have a team. They choreographed and led the team.” COVID affected dance as well. “We didn’t get started until late because it was difficult to have tryouts virtually and when we did finally get the team together we had many times girls had to quarantine or basketball games were cancelled because of COVID and that is where we perform.” But Mrs. Hough wanted people to know if you’re interested in trying out, “You only live once, give it a try. Dance like no one is watching.”

One of the Dance team members, A-Diva Owens, talked with The Blue and White about her favorite thing on the dance team. “ My favorite thing about being on the Dance team is our bond. The Dance team has a bond that is unbreakable when we’re in that Dance room just know we’re gonna have a good time from girl talk to pep talk, encouraging each other to do our best and strive for the most. We’re always having an amazing time.” She also mentioned things they have faced due to COVID. “COVID has affected the team just a tad bit by trying to think of choreography that was distanced, practicing with masks on while staying sanitized, having practice over facetime due to our captain getting in contact with the virus, to performing with mask having a little of difficulty to breathe but we pushed through and had an amazing season,” she explained. Lastly, something A-Diva wanted people to know about Dance is that “For the people who don’t know about the Apopka Dance team just know your gonna have a good time, some days it may be a little rough but we always push through and try and make the best out of our days. We’re compassionate towards our girls and we’re always here to lend a helping hand.”

Overall, even if both teams may face some challenges during their competitions this year, it is clear that they’re looking forward to being able to participate. If you have any questions about the Step or Dance teams you can email Mrs. Hough at: [email protected]