Venturing Our Way Into Volleyball Season


The boys volleyball team have started their season strong with a 4-1 win loss ratio. The Blue and White talked with two players from the varsity team to see how things are going for them. Both varsity juniors talked with us about their feelings about the team.

The Blue and White interviewed one of the varsity players, Cristo Rojo, a junior at Apopka. Cristo has been playing for Apopka’s team for 3 years already and plans to also play in college, as well. He got into volleyball after he no longer could play as a goalkeeper in soccer and now plays the setter position. His favorite memory of the season so far was “the first point ever set during the first game I played on varsity.” One of Cristo’s main struggles has been “not doing the best I know I could do is hard to see. The mentality when versing against a hard team gets to me.” But what he’s been enjoying most this season is “winning most of our games and playing our hardest even when we’re losing.” 

Teagan York is also a junior at Apopka on the varsity team as well. Just like Cristo, Teagan has also been playing all 3 years but isn’t sure if he plans to play in college. He originally started freshman year because his friend introduced him to the sport, and now he plays right side. His favorite memory so far is “the team eats we have before the game.” Teagan also enjoys “hanging out with my friends while having fun playing the sport.” He also mentioned how “we just recently took our first loss but we’re ready to retaliate on our next games.”

In conclusion, the team’s goals are strong, helping push them to do better in each game. Although they had their first loss against Winter Park, out of their five played games, they are ready to take on the next team and win. If you’re interested in playing volleyball with Apopka or have any questions you can email: [email protected] 

The Blue and White reached out to both the Head Coach Dominguez and Assistant Coach Reyes for the interview, but neither responded to our requests.