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Kickin It with Kaitlyn Collins

Kickin' It with Kaitlyn Collins, Staff Writer

The Blue and White are here with interviewee Kaitlyn Collins, a staff member and a Junior at Apopka High School during the 2022 school year. We asked her about her background and her doubts about certain beliefs and ideas.

"I mean, my family and I travel a lot plus, I'm white so we don't have much of a culture. I think that made up who I am, being adventurous because that's just how I grew up. I mean we traveled to Montana, Alaska, Canada, all these different places, and I got to see the world from a different view. I got to see so many different cultures as well as discover my own which still isn't much of a culture but it was fun seeing the world's influence and it kinda gave me an open empathetic mind about how big the world really is, and the small part we play in it.

[A belief I challenged was] honestly, Religion. I don't know if you're a religious person but I'm not much of a religious person. I come from a huge religious family like my great grandfather, he [spoke] at churches and as I learned and [grew] I just didn't believe in it as much as the rest of my family. I'm kind of looked down upon within the family for that. But that doesn't matter to me that much. So I think that's the most I've questioned an idea that's considered a hugely controversial idea. I mean there are a lot of layers to it, and it takes a lot of understanding.








[Something that I find super engaging is] movies! I'm obsessed with movies. I really love movies. I have books about the making of movies and all these different kinds of movies that each took on the art of filmmaking differently. I could sit there and read those books for hours and I'll just be there reading, losing track of time, I won't even know it either it'll only feel like thirty minutes to me and the next thing I know it's been hours. The process is just so interesting and [whether] or not the movie includes CGI, then the differences in the editing process. There's this documentary on Netflix, it's a show. In each episode, they did a different movie they did Ghostbusters, Die Hard, Jurassic Park and it was really cool because they talked all about the making of them and I absolutely love the process."

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Kickin' It with Kaitlyn Collins