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Kickin It with Kaitlyn Collins

Kickin' It with Kaitlyn Collins, Staff Writer

Kaitlyn Collins, an upcoming sophomore here at APK, has aspiring dreams and hopes for her future. During the long, long, long quarantine Kaitlyn was struggling with the fact of not being able to be as social as she was before lockdown. To keep her sanity she hung out more with her family, which helped build a stronger bond. With her family’s love and support she has all the ammo she needs to succeed in life. Kaitlyn hopes to be an actress, as a long term goal in life, but as of right now she just wants good grades and to get more friends.  


During quarantine what did you do to keep yourself sane?


I definitely had to conversate. Being social is one thing i can't live without, so i definitely had to talk to my family more than I think I ever have.


What are some things you do to bond with your family?


(giggles) We play “A LOT” of board games. We watch movies together, but we play “A LOT” of board games.


What do you envision for your life long term?


Doing movies, and acting.


Directing movies yourself?


No, just being in them.


If you had the opportunity to hang out with someone you find intriguing, dead or alive, who would it be? Why is it that person? And what would you guys do with that time together?


I would pick Alan Rickman, because he is so interesting and mysterious, i want to know more about him. I would go to lunch with him.


What would you eat?


Depends on the restaurant , but I normally do steak or pizza.


What is that one musical artist you can listen to to in any mood you are in?


Post malone, hes got a more versatile range of music.


What are some goals you want to complete before the end of the year?


Getting more friends, and being more social.

Explain your biggest pet peeve?


When siblings leave a sliver of something left in the fridge. Just use the rest of it!

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